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NS Pajero....

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    Originally posted by JZK25 View Post
    Anyone know of any 4m41 engines being pushed hard power wise!

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    Yeah Monster P Industries (Thailand) had there's doing 413HP/873NM, or so Phil claims.

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        Needs moar matches...
        Originally posted by thecrackfox
        I wanna put you in a dress and hurt you...


          For the first time in my life I actually feel depressed about problems with a car I own. I actually feel gutted. Fuck knows why.

          Time to open another bottle of little fat lamb I think


            Gutted for you... I know how much you wanted... no... NEEDED... this Pajero to be a safe and reliable family wagon......


              Harmonic balancer and the oil seal behind it have both shit the bed.. Oil seal has been weeping for some time now...

              Will be $750 at the local non mitsi workshop. More than I spent on maintenance on the forester for 5 years


                Ouch. No damage to crank?


                  This is why I toyota only

                  Sorry to read this bruv. Sell Pajero, use 80 as reliable family rig...pocket profits?
                  Originally posted by The Property Guru
                  don't haemophrodites generally have tiny wangs?
                  Originally posted by oxy
                  No, that's asians
                  A80 Supra
                  80 Landcruiser


                    Originally posted by Neil. View Post
                    Ouch. No damage to crank?
                    I cant be fucked doing it myself, so haven't looked any further... I hope not... but anything's possible when the harmonic balancer shits itself I guess


                      Fuckity. Fingers crossed its limited to a seal and balancer and the rest works out OK.



                        I'll just leave this here....


                          Did it kill anything else?


                            Some dumb cunt has fucked that putting it on. H

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                            David Fraser - Automotive Historian!

                            Originally posted by bigmuz
                            You can't polish a turd but you can put 600hp in it and laugh your fucking arse off coming past someone sideways at Powercruise.


                              That small chunk is at the rear and forms part of the running surface the oil seal used to run on.
                              The workshop assure me the crank was not damaged at all. Despite the bolt being loose and that chunk missing.

                              I just can't get my head around all of the dumb shit problems this car has had.

                              I need to change the oil filter tomorrow before it does any driving just in case it's plugged the existing one

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                                Can you cut your losses Kyle and flog it off?

                                Have you heard??