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AR51 w/GSXR1000 buggy

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    How does it compare speed wise to like a turbo rzr?


      Originally posted by bpm View Post
      How does it compare speed wise to like a turbo rzr?
      I've never raced one myself, but the long termers in the buggy club reckon tracks with longer straights favor the home built buggys with big bike motors, due to the top speed advantage.


        Fair enough, it does seem to pile on the top end much better lol, looks scary


          I must get my arse back into gear and finish off the Edge Pirahna 2 with a CBR 954 RR Fireblade engine that have 95% completed.
          This is it before the shit hit the fan
          Just been waiting on a few parts to arrive, plus I had a year off dealing with bowel cancer.
          I'm still kicking, so no excuse to finish this project off and send it down the road.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	Front1.JPG
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Name:	Front2.JPG
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            Looks tidy and sounds great. Is that your cnc plasma on your youtube channel?


              Just another one of my "projects" that I have built.
              The plasma used to sit where the Pirahna is now.
              I extended my shed to accommodate the plasma and now it's almost single car garage size.
              No money, so no big shed for me so I don't go swinging cats.
              I have a lot of crap in that tiny shed. 9" Hercus lathe, medium size knee mill. bandsaw, press, Mig, Tig, and so on.
              Once I move the Pirahna on next on my list is going to be a Fiber Laser engraving machine, I've had a CO2 Laser so the Fiber is the obvious next step.


                Missed this somehow. What an epic machine.

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                  Nice buggy. Good job on the construction and mods.
                  Originally posted by mrniceguy View Post
                  I think (and I'm no expert) that driving style is the key. When you are on the throttle the front end lifts, maybe that could be tuned out, dunno, but not much steering takes place when you are on the throttle, unless its coming from the back end stepping out. When you jump on the brakes it steers heaps, unless I lock em up, then it just plows straight.

                  I think I just need practice and to match my style to suit it.

                  My best time yesterday was 8m 36s (iirc). The bloke that beat me was going 8m 10sec. Thats a pretty big difference and I think its all down to driving skill.
                  The designer has built a lot of dive into the front end. I cannot fathom why. You may have heard of anti-dive, your buggy has the opposite. In the image below see how the front wishbone pivots are angled up towards the front? When you decelerate, weight transfer causes the front suspension to compress, which causes more weight transfer, which cause more... The opposite will happen when you accelerate, the front end will rise. The rear end will squat a bit, but from what I can see in the photos there is no where near as much squat in the rear as there is dive in the front. Most of your front end lifting under acceleration will be coming from the front suspension geometry.

                  Originally posted by mrniceguy View Post
                  I like the Monster Energy Drink sponsorship :D

                  There is not a lot you can do to dial it out without moving the front suspension pivots. On circuit cars you can reduce weight transfer by droop limiting, but not recommended for off road vehicles because it reduces suspension travel. Lowering the centre of gravity is a good idea, I see you tried lowering the ride height (more on this in a minute). Try to get the driver's seat lower if possible. If you had re-valveable shocks you could increase the low speed bump in the front, but its hard to get it right without a shock dyno.

                  In air shocks, the air/nitrogen is the spring and the spring rate is set by the pressure. All shocks get hot, the faster you drive and the bigger the bumps, the hotter they get. With an air shock this increase in temperature will increase the nitrogen pressure and therefore the spring rate. After driving the buggy at high speed for a while you will have stiffer springs, to the point the ride height may increase significantly. Air shocks are an emulsion shock, which means the oil and gas are in the same chamber with nothing separating them. At high speeds oil foaming is common - the valve stack is designed to work with liquid oil, not air/oil foam, so damping performance will deteriorate. Air shocks have many benefits, they are cheap, light, it is easy to change the spring rate (until the shock gets hot) and they are reliable. They are good for rock crawlers but they are not a performance shock for high speed buggies.

                  If you are happy driving your buggy as it is and just want to get out there and have fun, then carry on :).


                    Hey Mondo, sorry, only just read your reply.

                    Funnily enough I was thinking the same thing about the shocks after the weekend just gone. If you look at the shocks on the latest Can Am X3 they are nearly twice the diameter of mine, using a coil spring. I actually took one for a drive and they just float over the bumps.

                    I believe the idea with the front suspension is two fold. The kicked up front end is to stop the front plowing into the ground when railing deep ruts and landing jumps. And the suspension arms have to bolt to that. Having the front arms pivot slightly backward also reduces the change of tearing them off if you hit a rock etc. But yeah it does transfer weight!



                      Raced at Trayning over the weekend, heres a vid.
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                        Click image for larger version  Name:	lE9pjOv_sjJE-0-oO-Y5gVq-lgnzw6Ptc9WFla5bWQNs22VYapCkyjEMsqRwtugdoxL22o9tc85yr6csEM5iE5YDIksly8M31LZGmmFQx0bVE5ey6nBmiyd2oHsW7JLHnjBu0bioLA=w2400.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.42 MB ID:	7073281
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                          Click image for larger version

Name:	YUVxxxNKftX-W3WmRnfhUhfPSIq1-M05BHp7hHLhXmYxQmLc8x5Zk89ed3y2nRjqIhKKXoawKaJl_IAeEeBd_JXPLEaSBmsckA6GGBvXgw1bImumVjvJWyYPAuNms6Pp6CC9jJgvQQ=w2400.jpg
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ID:	7073286
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                            Click image for larger version

Name:	ZwE98YjeStnfUTHqpw4tWqxtZCEc02qVL4xju_OufiZjvRfwOMFIv-Ur2slIoT8O_jdjQrCYadjVOFXfktGR46g6cj-x54DmtAmz-28AVUn8r5RX5d-N5YEAe9DI3hCJ_TEYp0IGkA=w2400.jpg
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                              Click image for larger version

Name:	Kc1msvjPs88cwmbDNJvLR07EOqxrhVjm0ss31atBru11wbGLHjdBRFvV8DLrc1H4A3eMr68p21tWBygghbahGa1qmHzswM4w5APtczAEpxV1BkuGqTH8JME0B7hXB3gNlmrwHq-0fg=w2400.jpg
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                                Click image for larger version

Name:	fR4yZSdwcyJJ3sUBXrACEyrRekBV3WqSVx0HNDU8ZH0Y66bxt16tP-Jv7U9vH-tgf8DSV2Cr_JR4SgbiS60D0tk7fsUGoa-9QxOUCq2l-DriwZvFcHzBN_8fRh3WgjJuWnLuVnaAGQ=w2400.jpg
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