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Yet another PF kent buys a fancy Vee Dub

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    You and car are legend.... rear wing is not my style though, I would happily go slower without it. More horsepower perhaps? How much is a 3.8? Not trying to be an arse or detract from your efforts which are epic.


      ^^^ lol. No offence taken 😊 Agree the wing is completely over the top. But to drive it at the track with it on is quite an experience. You can really attack the high speed bends and carry heaps of corner speed so it really enhances the driving experience. That to me is a payoff worth the slightly ridiculous look 😊

      More power is definitely on the cards. I am planning to stay NA so sadly adding power isn't cheap with porkas. I have tried to pick off all the low hanging fruit and do everything short of a 3.8 build. I expect there won't be much change out of 20k for the build hence that's why it will be waiting for some time. Plan to stick to my "if it's worth doing its worth over doing" motto and do a comprehensive build. Still to nail down the final parts list but might be something like GT3 crank and oil pump, pauter rods, Mahle barrels and Pistons and head work. Sadly those parts don't come cheap. Will prob drip feed money into it as I can afford and start accumulating parts.


        And a quick vid overhauling a GT4 at Barbagallo 😊


          $20K? Thought it would be much more. Who is Aus make them last? I would assume 20K is short block?


            Will be reusing all of my current engine of it proves suitable when stripped. All external bits will bolt back on. (Intake, exhaust etc) Could reuse all of it and just do barrels and pistons as the 3.8 (3.75 to be precise) CC's are gained by bore not stroke. But if I am going to do it I want it to be bomb proof and rev so plan to replace other bits for performance and reliability.


              Little wonder the likes of Broadbent's car were hard to beat. Add even more capacity, more lightness and traction control/ABS and they have to be a tarmac weapon.


                Originally posted by darkside View Post

                More power is definitely on the cards. I am planning to stay NA so sadly adding power isn't cheap with porkas.
                i feel this deeply
                Originally posted by Walt Kowalski
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                  I saw the blue GT4 and thought you hauled in snowy!, that would have been good to see.

                  You can see it steer from the rear as you turn in onto the front straight, you slow down the turn as the rear comes around.

                  It really is quite a nice build, to be a second of a current GT3RS does it need the 20k engine?, well we know the PF answer!.

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                    Saw this thing at collie on the weekend and it sounds fucking amazing.


                      Originally posted by adamRSLC View Post
                      I saw the blue GT4 and thought you hauled in snowy!, that would have been good to see.
                      Well Adam,

                      I am sending it east for November and will be at a PIARC weekend on 12th and 13th with Snowy. I have sent the vid to him as a windup. 😄 Will certainly be doing my best to keep him honest. Although I believe he has slicks on order which he plans to have fitted by then. Should be an epic weekend.

                      And you are spot on re the rear steering. It seems to be a big thing with them. Prob why the rear aero has helped so much. Definitely still getting my
                      Head around that side of the car and how to use it to full advantage.


                        Something I find surprising and impressive is the balance. I'd of thought the big rear wing combined with rear engine and bigger rear rubber would make it pretty understeery. Another case of real life trumping theory!!!
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                          Originally posted by darkside View Post
                          And a quick vid overhauling a GT4 at Barbagallo ��

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                            So went to Bathurst. Drove some laps. Didn't die. But if i did I would die happy. :)



                              Nuff said ...

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                                Shit yea. Living the dream.
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