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Merlin - yes, you read that right, 27 L / 1650 CI of turbocharged insanity!

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    Merlin - yes, you read that right, 27 L / 1650 CI of turbocharged insanity!

    This is gonna be epic, got a pair of RR merlin heads to basically completely redesign for a tractor puller.
    Engine runs on methanol with EFI & a pair of F'ing huge turbo's.

    My job is to bring the heads up to a more modern standard & to help & advise on intake & exhaust manifold construction.

    May as well let some pics do the talking - heads are still in the early stages, haven't looked at the exhaust ports yet - but they look fairly straightforward.
    The intakes are the biggest issue, 1930's design & goddam shitfull, lots to do to make em good.

    i'll take lenty more pics, these are just a few I snapped this morning whilst working on them:

    1x b-i-g arse pair of heads:

    Near standard intake ports on a spare head, the dividers screwed in are not stock, originall the whole intake is just one huge log:

    The owner, who is a handy machinist, made up some port plates to my design to fit into the intake face of the heads & give a basis for individual runners:

    There are still some rather large voids & 'interesting' short turn & bowl shapes to contend with:

    Now I rough out the port entry shape & size, do some basic porting around the guide boss etc:

    & then out with the epoxy - Z-spar to be exact, & lots of it!

    Epoxy roughed down, only done one port so far so I've got a basis for the rest, have to wait 10hrs for the epoxy to set & a few layers are gonna be needed, this is pretty much what the finished ports will look like:

    Fuck me. Good luck with this TK. Will be awesome no doubt


      Would one of these fit in the Fiat 850?
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        Originally posted by Mr Ed View Post
        Would the Fiat 850 fit in one of these ?
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          Inon Juan!

          So... what is the timeframe on having this stop the rotation of the planet with its stupid amounts of horsepowers?
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            As soon as I saw the first picture I thought to myself "There's Devcon in your future".
            Awesome project! Good to see you get oddball stuff from time to time.
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            Originally posted by seedyrom
            my neighbours called the cops...... not because of the sound of me working in the garage was too loud, but because i taped a cardboard box to my back, covered my self in vaseline and pretended i was a snail on their lawn


              I'll have the heads done next week - I'd have em done earlier, but waiting for epoxy to cure means it's gonna take a while.

              The engine I'm not sure, I know the old one has been hurt, so it'll happen fairly quick once the heads are done methinks.


                Just a question - I assume since your using it, it's perfectly safe to build up ports with that epoxy stuff - but are there any risks to it, is it safe to assume it's as good as real steel?


                  Wow... How much comp do these things run? The chambers look huge but I guess swept volume is also mahoosive
                  Originally posted by RVK 355
                  Hold it flat cunt


                    Epoxy is perfectly fine as long as it has a good 'key' - which this does with all those voids & stuff.
                    For use with methanol you have to paint the inside of the ports once their done so the meth doesn't soften the epoxy, for non alcohol fuel you don't have to bother with that.

                    Compression? - dunno, something like 7.5:1, great for boost, dismal for NA.

                    Bore is 5.4" - which is going to present problems with flow testing, still not sure if it's going to be doable or not.
                    Stroke is 6" & the rods are 9.9" long.

                    I'm setting it up to make peak power around 3500rpm, power target is somewhere in the vicinity of 3500hp - but it's obviously not going to get dyno'd, no dyno in the country could handle it.


                      This is a post i wrote by mistake, which is nice...


                        brilliant - been waiting for this thread to pop up.

                        keep the pics coming.

                        not that i can see them at worky (photobucket banned) - will need to wait till i get home .


                          Sub fucking scribed!

                          Any links to the actual machine itself?

                          Used to love the yearly tractor pull back home.


                            wow! fucking awesome :D

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                              So how the fuck does one tune something this mega then to get it to it's full potential?
                              Hide yo' wife!!!