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Bucket list of stupid conversions?

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    Bucket list of stupid conversions?

    Ok. Blame Qantas delays and circling for an hour for this one.

    Like most of us I have a bit of a wish list of conversions I want to do, some are relatively straight forward like the MX5 or a GT3076 on a H6 Liberty. Others are less simple.

    Because MCM and SkidFactory keeps doing some of the ones I want to do, I started writing a bucket list on the plane of the more bonkers ones, partly to give Al and Marty ideas for future series so that I can live vicariously through them.

    1. RB26 S30 - always wanted to do this, and almost did before the MA61 but the shell slipped through my fingers. Thatís actually why the NA VVTi 2JZA61 happened.
    2. AE92 with GT4 running gear. Pretty simple. But would be a bucket of laughs. Started it back in 2004 but gave up when the AE86 came along.
    3. Turbo 2GRFE MR2 (SW20/ZZW30). Cheapish MR platform with good power. Nuff said. Reinvigorated by finding out that the ZZW30 came in hardtop. Would be on it like a flash if someone had an Exige-esque top for it.
    4. Porsche 930. I want one again, why did I ever sell it. Uncles TT setup 934 rep would have been ideal.
    5. Locost 7 down the bucket list has always been a Lotus Super7 replica. Hassle has always been rego/ICV issues.
    6. Lancia Stratos ICV. As above
    7. GT40 rep... same.

    There are more, but that is where I got to before I got an angry look from the grumpy stewardess.

    Also some I discounted like the TT 1GZ MA61. Mainly because I did part and then realised the engine was bung and it wouldnít have been that much fun.

    What is on everyone elseís list?
    The new nugget
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    7. GT40 replica - I live vicariously through Willy and TimTX5 which should scratch that itch enough
    4. Considering swapping the GTR for any air cooled Porsche variant!
    Jason Broadhurst

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      k24 turbo Z30 soarer just to see people's faces when i pop the bonnet
      1988 AW11 9A-GTE - project #1 | 1984 MA61 1JZ-GTE - project #2

      Originally posted by Walt Kowalski talking like a crazed hobo
      The major arrests will start from 1st January 2019.


        I'm working my way through my own list starting with the 6.1 hemi into the Valiant.

        Next is hopefully K24 + T or hybrid K24/Type R head conversion for the AW11. After that I could potentially B16 the Mini but will probably just sell it and use the money to do a built duratec or potentially F20C Clubman.

        More batshit ideas?
        1. Cummins Valiant: will still sound like a Hemi 6 as a bonus.
        2. Hayabusa Mini. Though rego issues in Australia still.
        3. Ford Coyote into XE Falcon. I don't know why.
        4. Dodge Viper 8.3L into 1970 'Cuda with pro-touring chassis. Because why not.


          1. porsche 924/944 with Audi or volvo 5cyl turbo
          2. 240/242 volvo with something dumb like a VR38 or an LS or barra. bonus points for HUGE turbo and more power than i know what to do with.
          3. mx83 cressida with angry N/A LS7, flares, dumb wide wheels and ratty as all fuck.
          4. Dodge Viper 8.3L into 68-71 plymouth/dodge/chrysler coupe or hardtop with pro-touring chassis. copy pasta'd from mr purple because i have thought a lot about this.
          5. something american from the 70s or 80s like a chev monte carlo and LS and AWD.


            2JZ Prius
            Originally posted by Mr Jones
            Sneakers prompted the erection. Engine stand made me do something with it


              Twin engine 4wd hatch, any of the many insane ways of achieving that goal. And someone else to make it run right.


                Originally posted by SugarDaddy View Post
                2JZ Prius
                Not an old L series diesel or some such?

                Along the lines of the e46-e30 Iíd like to shove everything from a 760 or similar into a XA or HQ wagon.


                  -2ZZGE into a pov pack looking AE101. Or maybe into a Peugeot 306.....
                  - Mitsu 380 engine into a CE Mirage (didn't someone on here do something similar?)
                  - Twin turbo Merc M275 V12 into *anything*


                    none of these are particularly original..

                    1. Barra turbo into xh panelvan
                    2. my cammed l76 into a vr/vs commodore
                    3. something fwd and stupidly undriveable, like a 380 conversion into a 80's colt
                    4. the mandatory vtak yo into 90s civic
                    '67 Volkswagen Beetle 1300cc
                    '09 VE SS

                    Originally posted by Scrad
                    You are like some sort of car rapist, Sticking things where they don't belong, and often don't fit nicely


                      Current LT5, with manual, into a Chevy Monza.
                      Biggest BBC, with manual, into a C3 Corvette with full Greenwood IMSA body.
                      Hellephant into '69 Charger.
                      1KR-VET into Daihatsu Midget II


                        Funny, I saw a Toyota 86 on the way home this afternoon and got to thinking what would be good......the supercharged toyota V6 from a Lotus Evora GT 400 at the front and a Late model Porsche 928 manual transaxle at the rear... but then why wouldn't you just have a twin turbo 5 litre 928.....

                        And gave up on the thought of silly conversions.....
                        " Racing cars don't have doors. Toilets have doors" : Keke Rosberg


                          Originally posted by Jason Broadhurst View Post
                          4. Considering swapping the GTR for any air cooled Porsche variant!
                          Iíll take you round the block in the turbo
                          Originally posted by the buttonman View Post
                          1. porsche 924/944 with Audi or volvo 5cyl turbo
                          This. Or 5cyl into anything rwd really. S13. 944.
                          Would love a 3cyl eco boost in a Caterham type car or similar. Or an mx5.
                          Some sort of v6 mx5.
                          Would not mind a vq25det s14 for some reason.
                          Stupid dream swap is a 20b turbo into skyline gts-4, some kind of sequential awd box, gtr flares etc.
                          Another is a gt86 with the synergy v8, I know you can just pay to get that one done turn key but I love the idea of it.
                          Originally posted by Walt Kowalski
                          Memes are only detectable by NSA.


                            I've got a few things kicking around my brain that I want to do at some time.

                            First is just a budget LS turbo in to something old and ratty, I'm piecing it together slowly now.

                            Second is a blown big block in an old chev. Again probably a ratty car but has to have an obnoxious amount of blower out the bonnet.

                            They're the two main ones, other ones that I'll get in to if they ever pop up cheap:
                            Prius with something, any gen MR2 with a swap (turbo Toyota V6 or turbo Honda), Barra in to anything because I haven't done one yet, 1UZ with ITB's in a classic Toyota.


                              Iíd dearly love to replicate the Noble M600 engine by twin-turbocharging the 4.8L Yamaha/Volvo V8, and fitting it to a neatly RHD-converted Volvo 780 (probably using 760 parts) with a manual Ďbox of some description.

                              I frankly canít see it ever happening ...
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