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Rear mount turbo

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    Originally posted by Roy928tt View Post
    Ah, I reckon twin rear mounts are fatally flawed. Twice as many pipes taking volume from front to rear, temperature lost on the rearward journey due to a much larger external surface area of two pipes Vs. one and then too much volume to be manipulated on the forward pass.

    I believe the whole concept behind Rear Mount was to reduce hassle and cost, by going to 2 turbos you've just doubled the hassle and cost of doing the cheap and easy installation.
    For the same cross sectional area and wall thickness two tubes will be ~40% heavier than one too. I would assume that two smaller turbos would carry a similar mass penalty over one big one too. If packaging and ground clearance is a problem two of everything might be the only way to go though.

    I don't like the idea of rear mount turbos at all, but if packaging dictates it I suppose a rear mount turbo is better than no turbo.


      Originally posted by JZK25 View Post
      G25 660's, mah homie.
      Too small you reckon?


        Originally posted by psi999 View Post
        lol. wow that build was going on back then. must be almost 15 years in now?
        Yep about 15 years. Motivation has stalled but it's so close. I'm trying to get him to finish the last hurdle so he can drive it


          Originally posted by Rhys View Post
          Too small you reckon?
          Nah not really. Be responsive. I have a pair also, nice looking kit.
          David Fraser - Automotive Historian!

          Originally posted by bigmuz
          You can't polish a turd but you can put 600hp in it and laugh your fucking arse off coming past someone sideways at Powercruise.


            Originally posted by dnegative View Post
            Oiling suggestions?
            I used turbowerx pumps from the USA, the smaller pump for pressure feed and the bigger pump for oil scavenge


              Originally posted by Slides View Post
              Is it just me or is that panhard rod a curious shape?
              Yes it was bent to give more clearance


                Comp turbos make an oil less turbo. Have no idea if they are any good, but would simplify a rear mount setup
                Originally posted by Rdyno
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                Originally posted by Tripper
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