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Thread: borg warner stuck pinion gear!

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    borg warner stuck pinion gear!

    I've removed the pinion nut, the diff centre. I though the pinion gear should just slide out of the pinion flange at the rear and then come out the back of the diff? I tried persuading it with a hammer. Still no good. Do i need a bigger hammer or am i missing something? Diff is borg warner 78 series.

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    Big hammer- leave thew pinion nut on but loose to protect the end of the pinion. Heavy hammer should knock it out pretty easy. A light hammer will never work.

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    What he said.

    Try something like a Pound lump hammer and belt the f__k out of it. I did a ratio swap on my Commo about 6 months ago. You're not supposed to re-use the crush washer, but after you get the pinion out, give it a bit of a flatten out with the little hammer while it's still on the old pinion gear and then it will crush down to about the right place so you don't have to get the new gears lapped.
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    yeah they can be a bastard to remove sometimes, but should come out with a solid whack.

    as muz said, leave the nut on the end and grab the largest copper hammer you can find and knock it into next week
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    if that doesn't work, get a propane torch (or proper oxy) and heat it up. not till it glows (and obviously you'd be best to replace the seal after this) and then hit it. The heat will free it up like you wouldn't believe. In addition to leaving the nut on there, I'd place a solid piece of timber between pinion/nut and hit the timber with the hammer.
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