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Thread: Drag car spindal wheels and big rears/kirky seat.

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    can somebody change his user name to RXTUM
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    Quote Originally Posted by RX3SUM View Post
    it was a finished show car but i was turning it into a drag car but there is no track in adelaide so im turning it into a show car again, hence the sale of the rims and seat.
    Give him a break guys, ... its only taken him how many years to realise Adelaide doesnt have a drag strip?

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    Man I just reread his post and came here to say that!

    I fixed the first post too.
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    Rob Sloth Young did i ask for your opinion? no. i only want it for a paddock bomb. go play with traffic.
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    you stupid fucken imbicle.
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    your are a fucken idiot of the highest level.

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