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Thread: Motorsport Section Rules

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    Motorsport Section Rules

    The Motorsport section is for discussing everything to do with Motorsport.

    This section is not here for people to prove they're better than everyone else or stroke their e-egos / abuse others etc. Remember, there is always someone quicker. We are not all 1 lap short of an F1 contract so keep that in mind when commenting on other personal Motorsport Experience.

    As mentioned, this section has always been very good for not requiring moderation, so these rules won't come as a surprise to anyone in here as you all understand and respect this section for what it is.

    Any of the following actions will result in moderation. The following rules apply:-

    No personal attacks are allowed.

    If you don't like a particular comment, then try to be constructive in your criticism and use common sense.

    For those that breach the rules the following will occur:

    1/ Mods will edit or delete the offending post(s) and explain why they did.
    2/ Second warning if you continue.
    3/ Banned from the Motorsport section for 1 week if you ignore the first two warnings
    4/ Continued wankery - banned from the Motorsport section for 1 month
    5/ If you just can not play by the rules at all - then expect a permanent ban from these section(s)

    Moderators of this section are: TJ & DCR

    If you take an offence to a post, or need some action, take it up with a PM to the moderators above. If you aren't happy with the moderator action, take it up with Billzilla or the primary Admin

    While there is one simple rule here, I hope neither I or DCR need to enforce it. My fave section of the forum - I love talking and arguing with like minded people who also enjoy motorsport.
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