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Thread: Intercooler hoses/pipes.

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    Intercooler hoses/pipes.

    Ok, so the daily shitter has started to split an intercooler hose. I have a choice of full silicone hoses or hard pipes with silicone joiners, both are similar price. I want increased durability, so am leaning more towards hard pipes. Application is a stock, for now, 2.5 turbo diesel.

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    more hardpipe and as few hose clamps as possible (not forgetting flexibility of the system). use good broad t-bolt clamps
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    Think of it more in terms of points of failure.

    One moulded silicone piece vs a bunch of silicone and hard pipe with 2x clamps.

    I like the idea of a single silicone piece, so long as it's got multiple layers of cloth, and a wear resistant sleeve is applied. That is how OEM's do it anyway.

    Hard pipes are really only legacy because of hot areas rubber hoses couldn't survive, but silicone is fine to far far hotter temps than anything under and engine bay it might come in contact with.
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    If you don't run a crankcase breather catch can/filter separator prepare for weeping pipework if you run silicon.

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