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Thread: Kit cars engine conversion NSW

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    Kit cars engine conversion NSW

    Its a rather simple question, with no doubt a not so simple answer.
    But if i was to purchase a so called kit car, think clubman/cobra/gt40 style that has engineering in NSW, is it a simple task to say bolt on a turbo or increase the engine size. And have it legal, or is it a a simple im stuck with current NCOP engine conversion stuff based on the registered weight.
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    The theory is it’d be the same as any engine conversion under NCOP. Which means engineering the bits you change.

    The reality is you’ll probably have to have the thing completely “re engineered”, or at least very substantially checked over to make sure it’s 100% by both sets of paperwork.
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    Stuck with registered weight I am afraid. Once the vin is issued most of the flexibility of the ICV process is gone.

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