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Thread: 07 BF II Wagon on gas

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    07 BF II Wagon on gas

    The good
    07 Coon BF II wagon 188,000ks
    Green motor straight gas. 120ltr tank. New gas mixer thingy 20,000ish ago. Auto works good no banging. Cruises nice and gets Bris-Syd on a tank, computer on dash says 12/100 around town. Air con is icy cold and all interior electrics work. Has cage in rear. Near new tyres on stock 16's. Tows like a beast. Mechanically it's been a pretty good rig for the 8 years I've had it. Rego til Thursday.
    Is way better than any AU
    The bad.
    It's ugly. Paint is faded and clear is gone on most panels, is dark grey. Both bars are bashed about, used it for filming trailer towing last week and crunched up the corner of the bar. Crack in screen. Cracked dash plastics and rubber on handbrake. Rear drivers door central looking is fucked like all other falcons, can unlock the car at any time by lifting handle, 8 years parked in Ippy and never been stolen.. Probably bits I've missed, it's ugly.
    Really only needs a screen to pass roady(not supplied)
    Will post up pics in the morning.
    $1500 ono or swap for Zf 6 speed and computer.
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