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Thread: Synthetic winch rope, when to replace it?

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    Synthetic winch rope, when to replace it?

    The Challenger has a TJM 9500lb winch with synthetic rope, when I got the car last year I spooled it out and respooled it after inspecting the rope. Apart from a bit of fading in a couple of spots it's like brand new, it's never been used in it's life and was fitted when the car was new. While looking at the Toyota website and seeing you can get a Warn winch with synthetic rope fitted I noticed Toyota says to replace the rope every 12 months. I know that the rope is effected by UV, I suspect mine is since there's faded sections on the rope, but has anyone heard of a recommended replacement period? And before someone says RTFM, I don't have one, and neither does the previous owner of the car.

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    seriously, it'll be fine. replace it when it's badly hacked up or actually starts falling apart from UV exposure.
    Don't worry, thats just the self-preservation instinct, in my experience you can safely ignore it.

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