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Thread: Hornsby - 2009 VE Calais Wagon (V8)

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    Hornsby - 2009 VE Calais Wagon (V8)


    Car is a Jan 2009 build Calais V Wagon (Rego says 2008 because the RTA is a bunch of retards).

    Price: For PF i'd like to see 12k... People out there have these advertised > 15-17k, they must be smoking drugs. (note, is getting a proper clean tomorrow...If it looks better in pictures after, i'll update them)
    Mods: Has been touched by Dale, includes dyno chart - Has 1 7/8" extractors & new cats at the same time & OTR intake... Goes really well... Rest of exhaust is stock, AFM is still switched on...

    Interesting features:
    Has HD towbar (and wiring/module, etc)
    Had AC regas in 2017 (had a leaking refill valve), works well
    Had a new alternator about 6mths ago & new battery (a proper Varta Silver from memory)
    Had new front struts & bushings about 1yr ago
    Had new discs & pads about 1yr ago
    Has full leather interior as these things do
    We've had it for over 5yrs and nothing except oil changes & the above, basically... Very reliable...
    Has a massive boot. Can fit lots of bodies in.. Will probably not fit a double door fridge.
    Has a focal underseat sub/amp & focal front splits, sounds quite good considering & monumentally better than stock (all in stock locations so can't be seen)
    Front tyres have good tread, rear not so much. Wear is almost perfectly even across the tyres front & rear.
    Is proper fast in a straight line.
    Has V8.

    Not so interesting features:
    Has a scrape on a door that has been touched up (and has been like that since 2014 when the missus scratched it)
    Has usual car park dings a massive car like this gets
    Has a mark on the rear bumper & new the fuel filler which were both there when we bought it.
    I think the headliner is starting to peel a little on the front passenger side... I haven't paid a lot of a attention to it, the missus drives it 90% of the time...
    Has ~172k km. Does not use oil or blow smoke...
    Plates not included

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