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Thread: Kenwood 9018 v 9019

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    Kenwood 9018 vs 9019 + Android Auto Qs...

    I had my eye on the Kenwood DDX9018DABS, with the 9019 (2019) model just released... have a few questions from anyone who may know -

    * What's actually updated? The most obvious thing I can find is proper wireless Apple Carplay - however I use android devices except for work so 0 cares and it looks like Android Auto (AA) is still wired at least on launch - perhaps a firmware update in future?
    * Processor and panel still the same on spec, maybe some differences in available built-in apps but think this is secondary if running AA?
    * Most importantly... if using AA, and using say 'Poweramp' as my phone's audio player app, does the DSP of the head unit run in full-time on output? Ie. Does the DSP's time alignment run whether I use the head unit's player vs AA? Critical for my setup for a few reasons.
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