Hey all, question is about my Cressida, as seen in My-MX83-1JZ-GTE-Progress
So the situation is that years ago we have added BA Falcon Rotors (and spacer ring) and R33GTSt Front Calipers to the braking system of the car. It is otherwise original ABS equipped 1991 MX83 Cressida Grande spec, as we haven't changed the rear brakes at all. The Master Cylinder itself appears to be functioning fine. The Problem is the plastic reservoir on top of the MC has flaked off about 3/4 of the thickness of plastic that was on there, and appears pretty close to failure. Toyota has apparently obsoleted the Master Cylinder, but I found the local independent Toyota parts specialist had an MC listed for Cressida in stock. Problem was it was a 1 inch bore, where the one on the car is 1 1/16 bore.

Now I would consider it just about ok to substitute the smaller bore cylinder if the car was still using the original front Calipers, But this car has the Nissan Sumitomo 4 piston Calipers, which makes me think it may already be borderline at the 1 1/16 bore, let alone reducing the bore size. I gather the GTSt Calipers are a popular upgrade as it appeared to be a well worn path when I did it, has anyone got a lead on a suitable Master Cylinder that fits and is NOT obsolete, like the particular one on my car appears to be. I was suspecting that the Nissans that used the Calipers may also have used a similarly mounted, but bigger bore Master Cylinder. Does anyone have a line on this, as I am scratching my head on how to determine the answer? Failing that a good source of an undamaged reservoir piece, that I can use to make good the old master cylinder?