Hi gents. Moving shops and have a room full of parts we don't particularly want to move.

If you want more info than googling the part numbers give, I will answer follow up questions. No pics atm cos everything is in tasteful brown cardboard boxes. Located in Wollongong NSW, can do cheap freight.

Evo 7-9

AP-CT9A-170 AP evo 7-9 cat back RRP 1250 pf price: 900
AP-CT9A-120 AP evo 8 fuel rail RRP 238 180

Evo X

AP-CZ4A-151 AP evo x rad hose kit RRP 206 pf price 140
AP-CZ4A-155 AP evo x bov hose kit RRP 100 85
AP-CZ4A-200 AP evo x rear LCA adjustible RRP 825 610
AP-CZ4A-230 AP evo x 25mm rear sway bar RRP 369 260


AP-GDA-173 AP WRX STI up pipe 02-07 RRP 312 235
AP-GDBC-120 AP Sti 2.5 fuel rail RRP 410 300
AP-GH-230 AP WRX/STI 08+ rear sway bar RRP 230 210
AP-GE-170s AP ss catback wrx sedan 08+ RRP 1374 950


AP-FRS-130 AP BRZ/86 crank pulley RRP 206 145
AP-FRS-176 AP SS headers BRZ/86 13+ RRP 600 440
AP-FRS-220 AP front sway bar BRZ/86 13+ (fixed) RRP 275 195
AP-FRS-230 AP rear sway bar BRZ/86 13+ (adjustible) RRP 440 350
AP-FRS-235 AP 19mm sway bar rear BRZ/86 13+ RRP 357 250

other random shit:

SR20 Freddy cast sumps $200

1FZ mystery plenum $200

If anyone wants headlight protectors for 180B's and stupid old holden stuff then they are available as well.