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13's for $1300. VN of FURY

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    you payed too much for the switches and injectors :p are you going to run straight meth through the injection setup you got there? i plan on doing something similar on my soarer, interested to see how it pans out

    also. are you going to do anything about the auto? looks like you may be making some decent power here, it may become an issue...

    i'll put my vote in early and say i think this will be the fastest car in the comp.


      That's fucking excellent. You cunts definitely aren't mucking around.


        13s for $1300 in 13 days! good progress, had the exact idea for fuel enrichment except was going to use methanol.

        Not sure if you know but there is a pipe under the throttle body that runs to the crank case with no valve in it, you need to disconnect it or when you start adding some positive pressure you end up blowing the rocker cover gaskets out.
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          There's a bit of weight in those intrusion bars huh!
          The doors come up nice and light with all that shit gone.
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          Originally posted by seedyrom
          my neighbours called the cops...... not because of the sound of me working in the garage was too loud, but because i taped a cardboard box to my back, covered my self in vaseline and pretended i was a snail on their lawn


            Damn, another commodore making progress! Looks like I better do something with mine this weekend.


              My money is this doing 12's !

              Originally posted by niSSSan
              works for me as the first few years of monthly pay was hookers and coke for the first week, then 3 weeks of jerking off and water...


                You got me worried now :O
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                13s for $1300 TE Cortina wagon! Thermighty!!


                  Fucking sweet, should piss in a 13
                  They say i know fuck nothing, but i know fuck all!


                    Originally posted by Supercrown View Post
                    Now this is the sort of new member we actually like turning up.

                    Good stuff.
                    Yup. Plus he appears to own a 2JZ powered HiLux.

                    Nice work mate. This is the sort of thing I wanted to see built with 13 for 13.
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                    Quickest stock exhaust manifold stud 2JZ in Aus.

                    Originally posted by cracka
                    Some conclusions empirically were that a large protruding ridge like a prolapsed arsehole around the runner was largely beneficial.


                      Alright, time for an update.

                      Got a fair bit done in the last few days.

                      We stripped out some more of the interior and found the original factory build sheet from the 22nd of Feb 1990.

                      Many people have said that the car was too good to turn into a bunky drag car but at the end of the day its still a VN haha.

                      We took the dash out and removed the heater box and all the non essential garbage that Holden hid under there. It took a fair bit of effort to get the aircon unit out when you forget the bolt in the plenum hahaha

                      We trimmed up the rear bumper to stop the bottom lip acting like a parachute, for when it traps 140

                      We then looked into the drivetrain and the lack of LSD was unacceptable. Seeing as single wheel skids are only for kids on a BMX, with the MIG turned to full blast the diff was promptly locked.

                      We finished the dump pipe off the turbo. We used an old jap cat back exhaust which also gave us the muffler we need for it to be run at a street meet.

                      We finished the wiring for the injectors and some general neatening up under the bonnet.

                      Just a few little things to do now and we should be ready to rumble.


                        jeez you dont muck about.. nice work!
                        Originally posted by Rdyno
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                        Originally posted by Tripper
                        Its a tight battle between you and rogercordia for the most retarded member on here, thou i think you have it by 5 window licks


                          Good work!

                          What is the quality like on the wastegate?
                          I own a two and a half litre Commodore


                            Not too bad, the shaft on the valve needed cleaning up but other than that worked OK on my other car.


                              I see this being the front runner currently, awesome work
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                                Originally posted by morerevsm3 View Post
                                I see this being the front runner currently, awesome work
                                I agree!

                                Do you have a figure on how much this has cost you all up?