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13/04/1300 Mazda 626 Turbo

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    Just blank off one of the scrolls to halve the ar on the exhaust housing. should get it spooling faster


      Good start, pity you can't easily weigh the ants. That sunroof might be a blessing is disguise. Replace with fixed polyarbonate?


        i want to do something a bit more elegant than a flat sheet of aluminium and 50 rivets. poly will still need to be lapped over the existing roof and riveted down? would be good to come up with something that can be held down from the underside to keep the roof line flush.


          Maybe use the same thickness poly as the existing glass so you can reuse the rubbers. Then delete the mechanism and seal with silicon.


            that sounds like a good idea.


              yeah i think i got about 7 psi in 3rd, is this auto? too lazy to go up and check. might be better, other wise NAWS
              caprice nugget.


                i'd be v.dissapoint with only 7psi in 3rd. the car is manual btw.


                  moar (weight reduction) progress

                  rear seat retaining brackets trimmed


                  1 of XXX ants nests found and destroyed

                  some dodgyness - indicator glued to headlight. i'll have to track another indicator down.

                  speed holes added to headlight mounting brackets

                  fuel filler pipe with air-fuel separator chamber thingy attached

                  fuel filler pipe with air-fuel separator chamber thingy deleted

                  trimmed & holesawed front bumper mounts

                  trimmed rear bumper mounts (speed holes from factory)

                  trimmings from front & rear bumper mounts

                  'the pile' has grown. i haven't weighed it yet but i suspect it is close to 50kg. won't do much more weight reduction until after a road worthy in a week's time. better move the pile out of site before the road worthy, else i've got some 'splaining to do lol.

                  to be honest i'm really happy with the condition of the car for the age and price. doesn't look like it has ever been in a prang. there is a little rust in the boot floor due to previous owner being too lazy to unblock the boot drain pipes. has new exhaust, struts have been replaced before (haven't tested them with the car lowered yet), plenty of tyre left, plenty of brake pad left, engine pretty dirty but no major leaks, steering and cv boots intact, etc.

                  problems are the front driver-side indicator, front driver-side power window, sunroof machanism and boot rust. another issue to sort out before the road worthy will be a belt tensioner for the power steering belt now that the a/c compressor has been removed. i can see that job being a pain in the arse with the engine still in the car.


                    Could you use the existing a/c pulley and mounting points for max cheapness?


                      Yeah, will do that for the road worthy and up until the engine has to come out for the first time (for whatever reason, most likely the clutch). Once out it should be easy to fab up. The a/c comp, its bulky cast iron mounting bracket and its adjustment mechanism all add up to a bit of weight.

                      Really confused as to whether to keep this road legalish or stripped 'beyond reasonable repair'. I'm talking about weight reduction (like gutting doors) that would present a serious occupant safety hazard if i was to sell the car to someone else and they were to be involved in a crash. There is an option of selling the car excessively stripped with 'car not for road use' blah blah blah written on the receipt. It would be good to see some young ricer benefit from what will end up being +100 plus hrs labour and hopefully a pretty quick car, rather than just scrapping it once the challenge is finished. meh /csh

                      Picked up standalone engine managment and the majority of a very well used S14 3" cat back exhaust last night for cheap. These items will be stored for a later date incase the vane air flow meter starts giving me the shits.


                        Looking good bud


                          I hope my exhaust will help you out. I look forward to seeing this finished, after reading your other build threads I somehow don't see this stopping even after you got it down to a 13 subscribed for awesomeness


                            spent a cool 26hrs straight the weekend before last getting this thing into road worthy condition. tonnes of stuff needed doing. a sample of some stuff is below.

                            all struts got bumpstops consisting of old commodore control arm bushes with steel sleeve pressed out and rubber cut in half

                            lots and lots of time wasted trying to get all power steering windows and switches working. in the end it was a success. the pic below is me trying to swap rear passenger motor for front driver motor (anticipating road worthy inspector is most likely to actuate front driver window). motors ended up being different so swap was not possible. ended up soldering new bushes onto the driver motor to get it working again.

                            broken part of front driver seat raise/lower mechanism. 40min diassemble, 30sec weld, 20min reassemble. fuck.

                            12mths of leaving car outdoors with sunroof partially open (which drained into the RHS boot well) = rusted RHS boot well

                            the only real cost of getting the car to road worthy condition - a $20 passenger outer CV boot. well over 1000Nm required to loosen the hub nut!!!

                            ok, so fast forward a week. i got the car roadworthied - first go with a legit inspector. got my paperwork together and drove the car to QLD transport for rego. the car broke down on the way! checked fuel, spark, EFI circuit power, throttle body, etc. couldn't figure it out. called RACQ and after a hell of a lot of to-and-fro they agreed to provide roadside assistance for my unregistered car. problem ended up being a sticking secondary throttle butterfly (haven't figured out what it is for yet).

                            ok, so with car not registered i'm afraid to do too much to it incase QLD transport want to inspect it as part of the registration process. nevertheless i have done some stuff.

                            new plastic wheel well cover panels. a lot smaller than the ones they replaced. not for weight saving but to make the car easier to disassemble/reassemble.

                            hatch gutted (3rd pic is all the stuff i managed to remove). unfortunately nowhere near the weight saving i had hoped. those circles were cut out with a fucken angle grinder cause i'm too pov to buy a big high speed steel holesaw

                            turbo manifold flange made out of towball steel

                            rear seat belts now mounted to rear seats via 1 x 6mm bolt instead of mounted to the floor via 2 x 12mm bolts (lol). did it this way for far easier removal/reinstallation at the drag strip.

                            pic of the car with the new hatch prop. i like it!


                              Electronic adjustable suspension will weigh a ton compared to stock normal stuff
                              Originally posted by brasher
                              TJ is 99% African American.


                                pervious owner had it all removed TJ. all struts are regular ones.