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13's for 1300 Maverick-The Space Ghost

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    Nothin' really happening here yet-but that's gonna change soon. This week, it's going to rain 150mm over the next three days, and after that a few hail storms, then summer hits and this thing should be ready to go.

    By that, I mean literally nothing has happened and the crankshaft is still laying in the floor.


      Thats almost a years worth of rain where i live
      Originally posted by Rdyno
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      Originally posted by Tripper
      Its a tight battle between you and rogercordia for the most retarded member on here, thou i think you have it by 5 window licks


        Did a little work on this today, got the head repaired.

        Got the manifold bolted up next, and the up-pipe for the turbo.

        Soon as the turbo comes home, I'll bolt it all up and finish up the support plate-there are two holes on the intake manifold that used to have a bracket bolted on for the throttle cable. I'll repurpose those to hold a bracket supporting the T3 flange, so the weight of all 600mm of 76mm pipe won't be hanging on those two 1/4-20 intake bolts.