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13's for 1300 Maverick-The Space Ghost

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    Nothin' really happening here yet-but that's gonna change soon. This week, it's going to rain 150mm over the next three days, and after that a few hail storms, then summer hits and this thing should be ready to go.

    By that, I mean literally nothing has happened and the crankshaft is still laying in the floor.


      Thats almost a years worth of rain where i live
      Originally posted by Rdyno
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      Originally posted by Tripper
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        Did a little work on this today, got the head repaired.

        Got the manifold bolted up next, and the up-pipe for the turbo.

        Soon as the turbo comes home, I'll bolt it all up and finish up the support plate-there are two holes on the intake manifold that used to have a bracket bolted on for the throttle cable. I'll repurpose those to hold a bracket supporting the T3 flange, so the weight of all 600mm of 76mm pipe won't be hanging on those two 1/4-20 intake bolts.


          More work today. Ernest drove down and we tweaked the J-pipe to fit properly. First thing was to bolt stuff up and see how far off things had moved with the new exhaust manifold.

          It was in a bit to the cylinder head side and slightly twisted, so a little work with the hydraulics fixed that.

          BAM! Just about ready to melt down some pistons.

          Next on the list of stuff to do with this is make the turbo support plate, work on rotating the wastegate arm down, boost-reference the power valve, and actually drill a set of boost enrichment jets. Currently the jets are undrilled and so when on boost, there is zero enrichment-this is ideal for melting pistons.

          Got a little creative working on this today and a mild case of Coronamadness struck.

          Was gonna leave all the pretty stainless colors, but I'm a crap welder and my stainless welds are always too hot.




              There is your cover photo for the PF facebook page!
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                I could pull the carbie off and just have the plate sitting on a comically oversized turbo for the engine.


                  More work on this is happening, just slowly. The windshield gasket was changed to stop water coming in, and the random assortment of scrap gauges were mounted under the dash.

                  Things left to do:

                  Make new power valve cover, broke the original
                  Polish valve cover for an extra 5HP
                  Make bracket for crank trigger and alternator
                  Fill trans with Type F fluid instead of pond water
                  Figure out GM internal reg alternator wiring into Ford external reg wiring harness
                  Replace fuel line from tank to engine-is much rust.

                  Cure Coronavirus

                  Go run 13's.


                    Originally posted by Xnke View Post

                    thats an interesting purple UV glow in the background. For non-fruiting Jamaican tomatoes? Haha.


                      I think at that time the new grape vines were there. I grow my own...but it takes 5 years for the first crop! Every year I have to start a few to fill in gaps in the vineyard (and because hopefully I'll actually buy some land that I can plant more than two rows on!)


                        Nice! What type of wine do you make?


                          Wine is a perfectly good waste of grapes.

                          Nice oneXnke !

                          If you can grow grapes is it also warm enough to grow blood oranges?

                          Trust me when I say they are epic.

                          Click image for larger version

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                            Possibly, but the soil is completely shit for any kind of citrus fruit. Wine grapes make the best booze on sub-par dirt, and we actually have too much humidity to make it easy or effective to grow most varieties. I could probably grow blood oranges in pots, though.

                            Anyway, Look for updates on the Space Ghost again soon. Hopefully this week I'll have the brackets made for the crank trigger and alternator-the only holdup is the timing set. We've got the gears, but don't have the locating dowel or the spacer that goes behind it, because they're somewhere at Ernie's place. As soon as those are found and bashed back on where they belong, the only thing missing is the crankshaft key. Once we button up the timing set and get the timing cover back on I'll feel comfortable grinding and welding around the engine again.


                              Got the crank trigger stuck on and timed:

                              And got it into the car.

                              Started wiring up the ignition stuff, basically just waiting on getting the plug wires finished up. Forgot the crimp tool that I like to use for these and so we only got the wires cut to length.

                              Significant front-end sheetmetal work was done to repair the passenger side inner fender liner and front core support, as rust was rampant right there. Now the battery actually sits on steel(ish) stuff.

                              Still need to finish bolting up the passenger fender and get it straightened up, and then pull the driver's fender and do some similar rust removal. Not as bad, but it's there.

                              The Pizza box still has:

                              Rebuild Driveshaft U-joints
                              Fill Trans with Type F
                              Hook up Ignition Power and Ground
                              Run New Fuel line the length of the car
                              Drive the thing 200 miles for engine-break in

                              The Summit Racing Cardboard box has written on it:

                              Swap stock carb back off and mount up turbo/2-barrel combo
                              Dial in fueling
                              Go run 13's.

                              The whole point of getting the car running on the stock carb is to break in the engine and make sure our transmission isn't utter garbage. Once that's done, we plan to drive it to one of my customer's shop, where he's agreed to help us set up and tune the carburetor.


                                Good stuff mate. Great to see progress!
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                                Originally posted by seedyrom
                                my neighbours called the cops...... not because of the sound of me working in the garage was too loud, but because i taped a cardboard box to my back, covered my self in vaseline and pretended i was a snail on their lawn