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80 v3 Uterus

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    80 v3 Uterus

    Some scum decided to help them self to my 80 series. Was stolen off the side of the road and I haven't heard anything since.

    So I bought this.

    97 40th anniversary, Has a half decent chop done on it and a heap of parts on it but its very untidy. Also twin locked. It was originally a 1fz but for some reason someone put a Holden 5L in it. Negotiated for less without the v8.

    Plan is to un-convert it back to a 1fz with boost and do stupid shit.

    Awesome man!!!
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    No, that's asians
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      This has got to be the worst conversion in the world. I think someone spent alot on the chop and parts, then some tard has done this.

      Engine mounts are kind of bird shitted into place, but only on one side. I removed them with a pry bar...

      I am also entertained by their concept of extended brake lines.

      Anyway I've got most of the v8 shit out of the bay

      Bracing the chassis while I fix the mess

      I've ended up buying a 1HDT for 2k, ditching the auto. Gturbo and pump will be ordered soon then its 35psi time.


        That looks pretty awesome, 4wd lyfe


          Got the 1hdt home, I knew it had spun a big end but I didn't know what I was getting myself into.

          Rod was fucked head is coming off

          Hmm oversize pistons this has been rebuilt

          Standard balancer bolt removal procedure

          Balancer wouldn't come off cunt had spun been and chemiwelded on



            This is the gear behind the balancer also fucked/10, loves the lash

            Midway though crank change from a spare 1hz, everything timing cover related is also now being swapped.

            Got my cooler

            Also 3 pedals now


              This the oil pump gear, its pressed onto the oil pump shaft and doesn't come off , at least I know why its done the big end now..


                Watching with interest.
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                    Got over working on this thing in the front yard so trailered it to my mates work.

                    Started fixing the gouged mess that was the chassis.

                    Kept welding and grinding until it was flat, Auto box came out was replaced with a manual and my old part time transfer, to put the auto in the crossmember mounts had to be cut off and moved 70mm forward and captive nuts put into the holes. The tunnel also needed adjustment with a plasma

                    Engine mounts were positioned with a spare block.

                    Tacked then welded in fully

                    Also began making the shifter surround fit.


                      and those mounts where signed off with blue plates?
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                      the theory is the fuel pump is one of the only things that can fuck out on a diesel


                        Jesus, I can't weld but I reckon my attempt wouldn't be much worse than that shit.


                          craigs workshop?
                          caprice nugget.


                            Its a common problem with these for the chassis to crack around the steering box and panhard bracket, Theres a bloke on facebook that makes cnc cut plates for $60

                            Plates welded in both sides not the neatest welds but it was a cunt and will do.

                            Diff guard, lol I wish I was making this up, removed again with a pry bar.

                            Motor build is coming along too


                              I assembled the motor in a day, wasn't as hard as I had thought, Just need a clutch and pump now.

                              Have also started the tray and mounts, all hand cut with the grinder out of 6mm. I hope I wont bend them with the abuse this thing will cop.