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    Saw a bloke in the US make up some tube sliders for his flat tray out of steam pipe. Could be an idea if you intend to get abit nuts off road.


      We are going to do something with tube definitely for the guards as the tray is too narrow for the wheel offset, may end up connecting it to the sliders somehow. Headboard will be bent up out of 3" steel.

      Mounts welded up and tacked into place, we used a string line and level on the side trim to get them level lol.

      Fully welded, there are currently 4 but I'm thinking of adding a extra 2 in the center.

      Cut out the gearstick surround, tided it up with pinchweld and it came up pretty good.


        I've got the motor in and begun connecting everything up

        Click image for larger version

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        Click image for larger version

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          wow, this is scooting along!
          Originally posted by TK
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            Braced the lower arms, welded 25x8 bar on them. Will stop them bending/breaking then taking out the pinion shocks and driveshaft when the rear diff walks forward.

            Pump on and timed.

            Using arb compressor airline for all lines haha, normal vacuum line doesn't seem to last over 30psi

            Intercooler brackets done and front end reassembled

            After a few primer pump issues and the throttle being a tooth off on the pump I got the thing running. Took it for a quick spin out the back of my mates work, first impressions is that its a lot smoother and quieter than my old 1hz. It seems to run well and is quite quick for no tune. Also finished off the exhaust.


              Click image for larger version

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              Thing is stupid response, still untuned




                  love it
                  caprice nugget.


                    So the 1hdt was doomed from day 1. Started blowing water out the overflow within 1000ks, pulled the head, got it checked new gasket and bolts. Still was doing the same shit. Suspected cracked block.

                    Fuck it time to max the pump get at least some fun out of this thing. Went quite well, It saw over 900 deg egts one night while doing 4th gear hoops in a paddock. It got worse and worse until it was using the same amount of water as fuel. It also began to hydro lock if the radiator was not depressurized before turning it off lol.

                    I picked up a 1hz for effectively nothing and sold what was left of the 1hdt, Bolted my turbo manifolds ect on to it and it will be getting a 12mm pump soon.

                    Also finally got some decent rubber under the thing


                      Bolted the hdt pump on. Now running 30 psi boost on this poor 1hz.

                      Went out to Glasshouse twice this weekend. Drove Little + Big Red, Kamikaze, Goat Track and Palm tree.

                      Cab left unscathed but the drivetrain is another story.
                      Broken L/H engine mount, Massive air leak from front locker, Broken rear axle, Rear locker seal housing and flangecap is fucked but looks salvageable as long as ARB can get the parts.


                        Standard axles?


                          Yeah standard axles never had a issue with them, other side is twisted and has stress cracks. They probably have had a lifetime of abuse and finally gave up.


                            Fitted some superior remote res shocks around 11.5" travel

                            New tray

                            Also I ran into something and bent alot of shit


                              Built a unbreakable style engine mount because more shit is failing behind the little 1hz

                              Picked up a fresh diff housing and will be bracing and building it over the next few days


                                I just imagined Kimmy Schmidt as an engine mount. Carry on.

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