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2013 Mitsubishi Challenger. Boring is good.

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    I'm planning on getting some decent steps for it, saw someone does proper siderails for these so I'll look at them. Yeah, rivnut tool is on the shopping list, I'll need it for I do the second battery in the back, mounted behind the RHR trim where the rear cooler sits on 7 seat models.


      So took this thing for a run on some dirt roads last weekend. Nothing difficult, but the roads are pretty rough with big washouts and other crap which makes you wonder if they actually maintain them, Burra road and Angle crossing for those who know the ACT. Slipped it into AWD and sat on an easy 80km/h without even trying, only became interesting when hitting big bumps around corners, suspension is probably too stiff and the tyres are shit. Didn't get a chance to do any off road with it though. Did discover the carling type switches for the lights are missing the rest of the wiring and are a poor fit in the OE cutouts in the console, they fell after a big hit. The switches I've got for my light harnesses are the stickon type, not really fussed as I'll probably throw a set of Fyrelights unless I weaked and fall for the 4wd supacenter combo deals.
      Only other thing so far is I rerouted the winch positive cable off the battery, I had it coming up and looping around the top of the terminal. Wasn't happy with that as it looked shit, rerouted it so it comes up from under the fuse box so it looks alot neater, will wrap it with split loom when I remember where I put it.


        Ran the drivinglight harness x2 today, found a really handy grommet between the booster and the ABS pump normally used for the throttle cable, perfect for the switch harness to slip through. Used a Narva add-a-circuit for the trigger wire rather than tapping the high beam wires. All wired up and then went to fit the lights, 2 pairs of Hella Rally 1000. Discovered I didn't have a suitable drill bit to drill the bullbar so only fitted 1 set. Will do for now, hopefully I can get my old Cibies off the bloke next door unless I grab something else.
        Also found out why the center console power socket wasn't working, it wasn't plugged in. Did find a heap of unused multipin plugs scattered under the dash and console, amusing when this thing has a crap tonne of fruit.


          Went into the local Mitsubishi dealer on monday to see if I could find out what warranty work this had done to it, the PO had contacted me on the Pajero club forum letting me know it had some issues when he owned it. The claims history is eye opening, it's had turbo, ecu, abs module, fuel pump, injectors and fuel rail all done in the last 4 months. The dealer reckons the other dealer must have just been throwing parts at it, not worried as it drives fine.


            I wouldn’t stress too much, seems to be a thing with them but Mitsubishi are pretty good with warranty work. There are guys with out of warranty tritons having overheating motors replaced with little fuss.
            Originally posted by Faux Forg
            I agree with Rdyno


              Their dealer tech support is pretty lackluster.

              If there's any weird, undocumented problems, you're often flying blind and hoping for the best, or in this case, aiming the parts cannon.
              Originally posted by brewdles
              In short, some cunt at test and tune had a 250cc honda turning to 11ty and it sounded porn. Do that.


                Yeah, know all about Mitsubishi dealers, did my apprenticeship at one.
                Actually, back then it was actually good, there were some very switched on engineers who would liason with dealers.


                  Forgot to post I fitted my Hellas on this a couple of weeks ago, had forgotten I had tossed all my drill bits because they were stuffed, and cheap shit. Grabbed a step bit from Supercheap and drilled some holes. Not really impressed with them to be honest, they're the old Rallye 1000s. Will be binned in the near future, can't decide if I want to play russian roulette with some 9" Kings and light bar combo or spend a little more on a set of Baja Designs.
                  Also need to sort out the reverse lights, they're shit. To the point the camera is barely useable at night, not helped by my night blindness.Click image for larger version

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                    Gave this thing a bath yesterday, was planning on doing a day trip in the Brindies but nopics had to work. Yeah, fuck going full retard on detailing this. Paint is shit, as in thin and full of orange peel. Came up OK using my usual Autoglym, does look good until you start looking close. The fact the panels are so thin don't help, nor the fact the bloody roof is near on 7' from the ground!
                    Also thinking about pulling the airbags out, no weight in the back anyway and the springs I've got a fucking heavy so the bags aren't really needed. I also suspect one of them is leaking.


                      Mitsubishi have always had shit paint on anything that isn't white.

                      You can't tell them that though.
                      Originally posted by brewdles
                      In short, some cunt at test and tune had a 250cc honda turning to 11ty and it sounded porn. Do that.


                        Lol, yeah the fact this is the same colour as nopics old Colt and paint is just as thin. It did come up nice though.
                        Not FLI355 level of good, that's never going to happen on this thing, but it's looks good in general. Would bloody well want to given it's got the ceramic coating, Autoglym superresin and some other shit the coating mob gave me.


                          So this thing has been doing the gerlytruck commute thing with no issues. Binned the driving lights as they were breaking up in the bodies, they were shit anyway. Treated this to some new Geolander G015 in stock size, I wanted a tyre that was good on road and still decent off road.
                          And today it finally did "off road", went up to the summit of Mt Coree. Nothing silly, just slushy with a reasonably steep rocky climb at the end, with mud/snow. No problems, I did drop to low range for the steeper bits simply for more control, and locked the rear diff for the final climb, but it simply walked up the hill. Impressed with the tyres, for an A/T that is probably closer to an H/T the didn't put a foot wrong even at highway pressures. Traction control cut in once and that was because I was bouncing over loose rocks in mud, dropped to low range and didn't see the light flicker again.
                          Attached Files


                            Apart from a run down to Cooma this has been doing the commute thing again. Finally got around to fitting the EGR blockoff that I'd had sitting on the bench for a month or so, alot easier to fit than somepeople make out.
                            However after fitting the plate we did the run down to Cooma and noticed a whistle under load, after passing a Triton limping along pumping black smoke I realised I might have an intercooler hose problem. Sure enough, the hose off the turbo was starting to split and come off the turbo. Did abit of research and ordered a full hardpipe kit from Forefront industries.
                            A couple of days later this arrived at work:

                            Sweet, new parts for the car. Nice thick silicone joiners and fairly thick alloy mandrel bent pipes. Not overly keen on the polished finished but meh.
                            Noticed abit of alloy dust inside of them so gave them a quick clean:

                            Nah, washed them in the sink rather than the dishwasher, although I've been told by numerous people that washing car parts in the dishwasher works great to get dust and crap off them. Just not a good idea in nopics expensive Bosch dishwasher!
                            Got busy this morning and fitted them, no photos during installation as I was worried about getting rained on. Ended up pulling the airbox out to make access to the turbo hose easier. Only other "issue" was the intercooler outlet pipe has to run inside the bumper reo, which is still fitted despite having the steel TJM bar, the power cables for the winch also run inside the reo so it's a tight fit. Other than that was fairly straight forward, after using dishwashing liquid to lube everthing up.
                            Turbo to intercooler pipe, actually there's a factory hardpipe that runs from the intercooler to the radiator support which the OE hose connects to:

                            Yes I'm going to adjust the pipe so it's abit further from the A/C line, it's not touching it is bloody close. I'll also fix the clamp that's around the wrong way compared to the others because OCD.
                            Intercooler to OE radiator support panel pipe:

                            It's pretty much jammed in there, you can see the cables funning under it. The A/C fan and auto cooler didn't help either. And of course, 2 hose clamps decided to fall off and drop behind the winch. Much cursing and swearing saw the trusty wire clothes hanger fishing them out. Then the screw driver did the same trick, more fishing. Got it out without dropping the belly pans, winch cradle overlaps the OE intercooler guard so pulling all the plates off is the only way.
                            Intake pipe:
                            Easy as to fit. Nearly forgot to tighten the boost reference plug though. Tempted to grab an SAAS boost gauge from Supercheap to see how pathetic the boost is in these.

                            Now for Denco turbo conversion to piss off the pain in the arse IHI VNT, it's leaking like they all do, bigger intercooler, bigger exhaust and tune. Catch can will be next though.


                              Dunno why the photos didn't work for the intercooler shit.

                              Also got the front windows tinted with the good ceramic tint, can't get the rear windows done due to being privacy glass.

                              Stuck a lightbar on the bullbar, have 2 pod lights to go on as well.

                              Got the shits with the useless reverse lights, they're so bad the camera is useless at night. Jaycar LED floodlight under the bumper, it's the same level as the towbar.

                              Got home to find a box had arrived.

                              It's a lockup torque convertor control module. Challengers suffer the Jatco 5 speed auto, with the loose convertor, tall gearing, typical FBW throttle response and low torque they cook autos. This keeps the convertor locked as long as possible.


                                Awesome work.

                                Your mods are relevant to my interests. Did you notice any extra noise and better throttle response with the hard pipe kit?

                                Im thinking of doing it to replace the garbage factory plastic pipes.
                                Get your hands off my penis!