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2003 RA Rodeo Dual Cab

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    2003 RA Rodeo Dual Cab

    Picked this thing up from facebook marketplace as I needed a run around for some reno's on some subdivisions and was sick of ruining the landcruiser putting stuff in it. I wanted a single cab but this was so cheap I would be mad if I didn't grab it.

    I paid $1200 for it with a broken clutch.

    It comes with:

    2 Inch Lift Kit
    Uniden UHF
    Nudge Bar
    Bridgestone All Terrains
    DVD player

    Got it home and put the canopy online for it, and a guy came to pick it up the same night for $350. Easy transaction and made it a $850 ute

    No real plans for it except to fix the clutch, put some ladder racks on it and that is about it.

    I might use it to go up the beach if I get sick of washing sand out of the landcruiser but probably not
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    Looks alright. I think.
    Originally posted by brewdles
    In short, some cunt at test and tune had a 250cc honda turning to 11ty and it sounded porn. Do that.


      they are ripper i have one 350 000 klms 3.5l petrol 4wd just make sure you keep an eye on the oil. they use a bit
      check out my web site

      yeah I tow cars and other things



        2003 RA Rodeo Dual Cab

        Itís due for a service so I might do that over the weekend and keep some handy. Appreciate the heads up!


          It has used a fair bit of oil, but it is running really well now the clutch is sorted. It uses a fair bit of fuel as well but I'm not too concerned about that as it is just used for running around on weekends with stuff in the back.

          I have spent a few weekends doing niggling things that needed to be done like fuses for cruise control, new bulbs and fixed some wiring for the spotlights, dash that hadn't been back together properly at some stage, fixed 4wd module, put a new steering wheel cover on it as the old one was gammy.

          Still need to fix the window regulator in the passenger door but I'll get around to that at some stage it's not too urgent. Next job is to replace the head unit as it runs for a bit and then cuts out. It has aftermarket speakers in the doors so I would say that the factory head unit doesn't have the oomph to run them, gumtree JVC head unit should do the trick for $30.

          Picked up a set of ladder racks for it as well to make it a bit more practical and put an old roof rack on the top to carry long lengths of timber. This is turning into the car that gumtree built!

          I am pleasantly surprised with how this thing goes especially for the money, never had a ute before so it is a bit of a culture shock when I hop out of the Landcruiser into this but it is fit for purpose.
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