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    Originally posted by TurbostyleR View Post
    Thanks for the thoughts guys.

    I like the bt50 looks, not everyone does and I get that the bar would toughen it up a bit.

    The bar that I reckon would be best is a TJM outback bar. Priced it up at $2250. I asked the assessor what the cost of a replacement bt50 plastic bumper is and it came to $330 plus paint. Im probs looking at $1700 out of pocket for a bar that might actually make my car too long to fit in the garage.

    Not too sure if I'm that keen on that. Hmmm.
    I fitted one to a customers ford ranget the other day and they dont stick out massively past the factory bar.
    It was one of those uglyarse 4x4 tuff bars witch stick out further than the much better looking imo Tim bars

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      Hit four roos so far, yet to damage the steel bar, although one flung around and went down the side of the car and ripper flares off. Would suck having made that many insurance claims. Yes, all were at night, but did live out in the sticks.

      I definitely need one for lights, aerial, winch, holding car off banks, path clearing, etc. If I was in the city it would be a tough call, but would prob still get one because it's still a practical and fuctional item, better front end clearance and better looks, but would prob get alloy. Plus winches are only like $300 these days, so chuck one in.

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