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2002 ford courier of glory and capitalist success

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    2002 ford courier of glory and capitalist success

    So amongst not dying from current world diseases my mate owed me some cash and I got this off him for a song.

    It's a Ford Courier 2002 turbo diesel manual with 460,000km on the clock.
    It has airbags in the arse end, and an ARB winch on the front. I also found a pink (1 tonne) crane sling on the front seat.

    Starts first go but the turbo is pissing oil, so I might get an ebay jobby.
    The shifter bushings are sloppy as fuck, feels like stirring porridge but I think it can be improved.
    I'm starting to wonder how much water this has been under.

    Kind regards,
    2002 honda cr-v..... comfortable with my masculinity, fiscally responsible... it's a bitch magnet

    If the diff centre is the same as 2009 bt50/ranger I have a helical lsd tru track knock off I can send you.
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      Sounds like your old Pajero. Seems reasonable, can probably sort out some tray sides and fresh oils for little outlay.