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    Frame protector is oem. Au let's you choose from the parts manual. They are only like $15.
    Maverick - gone
    Turbo AU Ute


      Thanks for that. I didnt realise they were an OEM thing, I normally use for a part number and order it through Team Moto and pick the parts up, same price as online.



        02 kx250. The guy I bought it from does suspension down in new jersey and he revalved it. He used to babysit justin barcia when he was a little kid.

        07 pitster. Race it in the fat boy (>200lb) and middle age (25-34) class. Has a stock chinese 150 in it at the mo but appears to have shat itself so about to install a new 155.

        01 xr50 I race in the Poor Boy/stock 50cc class. Has a set of pro taper big bars, bbr front springs and an elka rear shock. Does not go up hills with my fat arse on it. Leisure suit was surprisingly abrasion resistant when I crashed it.
        '71 Honda Dax CT70
        '74 MR50
        '84 323i Stroker. RIP.
        '85 KX125
        '95 MX-5 Miata mobile salon
        '96 RGV
        '98 RMX - buy this bloody thing, please.
        '03 4Runner 2UZ fuglyprado
        '01 XR50
        '02 KX250
        '02 VTR1000 SP2
        '05 KLX 110


          Fat910 - the owner of Future Sport Suzuki is the man to see for suspension

          Here's My 125, it's an '07. it's stock. going to put a keihin carb on it

          And here's my 500, it's an '01. I was going to enter the Australian Supermoto titles with it. But it won't be ready in time

          '01 RS125
          '01 CR500
          '05 CR250
          '07 CR125
          '70 Mk2 Cortina
          '80 1200 Ute
          '12 Transit


            I like 90's bikes:

            Recently sold my 200 - single trail weapon!

            '60 VW Kombi Ute
            '62 Morris Mini
            '15 Audi S3 Sedan - SOLD
            '10 G6E Turbo - SOLD
            '99 RZ Supra - SOLD


              Oh man, i want a CR500 motard!
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                what do you think of the 200exc? always wanted to have a go at one, seems like a fun bike.


                  Ive got a '96 TT600 ( kickstart only ) with motard wheels and dirt wheels , recently purchased a 89? DT200R single radiator model for the harder off road stuff as the 600 is a little too much bike for squirting around trackes on. Also have a DS80 for kids to learn on and 2 x TT250's ( mid 80's ) complete but in need of resto.. Actually thinking of selling them as i'll never get around to doing it.
                  ʎɐqǝ uo pɹɐoqʎǝʞ ɐ ʎnq ı ǝɯıʇ ʇsɐן ǝɥʇ sı sıɥʇ

                  The Burquas arent better at hungry jacks!


                    Originally posted by brasher View Post
                    what do you think of the 200exc? always wanted to have a go at one, seems like a fun bike.
                    They are as good as everyone says. Like a 125 with a gruntier engine. Happy to scream all day or lug around off idle. Depends on the riding you do though - wide open fire trails get tiring pretty quick.
                    '60 VW Kombi Ute
                    '62 Morris Mini
                    '15 Audi S3 Sedan - SOLD
                    '10 G6E Turbo - SOLD
                    '99 RZ Supra - SOLD


                      I had a 150sx and it was a lot of fun but too tiring to ride, you had to be perfect with corner speed and throttle control with the light switch power. 200 seems like it would be a better compromise.


                        Had an '03 WR250F for about 6 years (bought new). Did ~25,000km on it riding to work, trail riding and motarding. Brilliant bike, and was consistently quicker than mates on 450s in endurance races because my shoulders remained in their sockets for the majority of the race.

                        Sold it to a 16 year old flatbrimmer and bought a '92 KX500 because I was sick of breaking indicators and being peppered by rocks on the straights, only to sit behind them at half pace when the trail got tight.

                        Now I throw the rocks.

                        Rebuilt the top end (including the fucking Nikasil plating) and now it's in pieces waiting for me to get back home (it's been 2 years) to re-assemble it after the rear shock blew and got rebuilt.

                        It's fucking intense.


                          My stock '05 250


                            have a WR250f, only been riding less than 6 months, same as u Matt cant afford to smash myself up.

                            had a DRZ250 to start but sold it after a couple of months, should have got the wr first go.

                            dont have any good pics yet but we took some footage of us mucking about last ride

                            vid is a bit embarrassing to post this up for the lame jokes and shit riding but here goes. Im on the blue WR mate is on the good old DRZ400 freight train


                              Honda xr650r.
                              crf450 rear fender, stage1 hotcams, tm40 carby + lots more...

                              Motorcross setup:

                              Adventure setup:


                              93 tt supra,black 6 speed


                                I've still got this old tank! 11ty KM's on it now. So much so that the steel frame has rubbed through twice and been plated and need attention again! lol.

                                I does have appropriate sticker kit for flat brim tards in the scene though haha.