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Mates Kawasaki Z125 Turbo

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    Mates Kawasaki Z125 Turbo

    So a mate of mine was tossing up for a while whether or not to turbo his 125. I didn't have much input other than to lend a hand with the fabrication. Have always wanted to try my hand at something like this so it was a good opportunity. I don't have a whole lot of intricate photos right now but more than happy to grab pics of anything you guys are interested in.

    The basic outline of the build was -

    - Borg Warner (off a Smart car for memory).
    - E85
    - Megasquirt
    - Wideband for tuning

    These bikes have a surprising amount of space available. Some guys mount their turbos off the side of the engine, we went for right in front mounted as high up as possible.

    The intercooler my mate first supplied me was hugeeeeeee. Clearly wouldn't clear the turbo!

    Decided to work with what I had, and I cut down the intercooler (by roughly half). Used an angle grinder to cut the tanks, then a hack saw to cut the fins. Wasn't too bad to do, unfortunately none of my neighbours had a band saw so had to do it the old fashion way.

    Next step was to block off the uuuge 2.5" outlets. Throttle body & turbo outlet were both 32mm which worked our very well.

    We decided to mount the intercooler down low in front of the front wheel. Judging by the angles, the wheel shouldn't be able to flick anything directly into the core. It may cop some shit from the road etc so I've recommended to my mate maybe to use some mesh over the cooler to protect it as much as possible.
    The other issue was giving ourselves enough space for the oil cooler & pipe work.

    This is the turbo outlet side. Was not ideal having to run piping past the exhaust housing, but didn't have much choice (will both need ceramic coating & wrapping). The fairings will need to go back on so had to keep that in mind.

    Decided to do the piping in alloy. Keeps the weight down quite a bit and I get a lot of practice with my alloy welding

    This is the turbo outlet side. Was far quicker making this one

    This is how much clearance the oil cooler will have. Not 100% sure I will mount it here just yet.

    That's about it so far. Quite a lot of fucking around dummying things up to see if/how they fit and what effect they have on other components. The hope is to make 7psi +. The turbo is pretty big for a 125 so we will see. The E85 should help lol.

    Awesome stuff

    Turbo from the 600cc not the 1000cc I take it

    What would be even more awesome if you could fab in a 450 engine

    Now that would be a blast to ride


      Thats fucking cool.
      I've been thinking about getting one of these for the commute to work.


        Donít i had a Grom with a takegawa kit and pipe and tune

        A scooter is better and quicker

        And unless you are a tiny dude, a scooter is also less gay


          Saw two very small people commuting two up on a grom last night. Didn't look like a great idea...
          "Where can we get hold of a Vincent Black Shadow?" "Whats that?" "A fantastic bike," I said. "The new model is something like two thousand cubic inches, developing two hundred brake-horsepower at four thousand revolutions per minute on a magnesium frame with two styrofoam seats and a total curb weight of exactly two hundred pounds."


            Thanks for starting this. I was planning to start a thread soon


              Originally posted by Dimi
              80mm of penetration isn't bad, i wish i had that much.
              Originally posted by schnitzelburger
              My entire working career pretty much consists of suckin dick and takin names.

              Sometimes im too busy to take names.


                We are trying to get flanges made for the turbo in stainless. I have made gaskets to suit and a friend is doing some tracing in CAD to get them laser cut.

                The ones i made on a friends plasma cutter were completely unusable. n.b. I had never used a plasma cutter before




                    Is turboing a 125 a done thing? Ive never riden a turbo bike but i figure the power is pretty abrupt... smaller the engine the steeper the power curve right? Turbo 125cc must be pretty wild

                    Fucking cool though
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                      These make 8hp at the rear wheel stock Ed. I doubt it will get to 20hp.

                      Should be a bit of fun to ride anyway !


                        Some updates.

                        A mate did the CAD tracing from a gasket i made for the housing.

                        3d printed the flanges for test fit. Everything is spot on. Ready for laser cutting in stainless.
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                          Lol I love you used a 3D printer to validate a DXF. Donít own a die grinder? 😉


                            It is a whole lot cheaper to print another prototype than get 10mm stainless cut over and over if the holes are in the wrong spot !

                            Also i needed a project for my printer


                              Iím believing your second point! Top work carry on