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    Originally posted by PXL265 View Post
    And for the ride home yesterday with the GPS data recording properly so I could throw a quick overlay on it.

    The great one way roads systems here means that my morning commute is about 8km long and the afternoon trip home is about 12 km long. There is a shorter way home, but it takes longer and is much more stressful with even higher traffic volumes.

    Some highlights include nearly being cleaned up by a fedex van at 2'10", having pedestrian cross where there should be in no way that pedestrians should be there at 8'48" and the general anarchy of driving here.

    It feels like I have become part trials rider, part motoGP rider and part raid rider to survive the Jakarta traffic.

    I believe there is a speed limit for the roads I ride on, I think I saw a sign saying 50km/h, but you just go as fast as you can, don't worry about what is happening behind you and make your own arrangements.

    And even when you get out of Jakarta it's no better. I'm going for a white rafting trip on Saturday, so there should be some interesting footage from the trip down and back
    I liked around 6:45ish where you initially got chopped by a scooter being ridden 2 up. :D
    Hide yo' wife!!!


      And with last week being the holiday season for the end of Ramadan, and everyone gone home I had a day ride to the west coast over the mountain range.

      Got to average better than 50km/h for the 350km round trip. WIth no traffic on the roads it was a fun ride. The roads aren't too bad and it is fun to just punt along at whatever speed you want.

      The coast was pretty and you wouldn't really know a tsunami hit late last year. But once I got the main city and port to Sumatra it all turned to industrial development pretty much all the way back to Jakarta, so not worth stopping anywhere.

      So here is the youtube video of the trip showing the types of roads.

      If you do watch turn the sound off, the wind noise and the bike sound really shit, and I can't arsed trying to put music over the top.

      All up it took me just over 7 hours riding time to do the trip. Once I got closer to Jakarta the traffic was the usual shit fight, so it was slow going for the last hour or so.

      The only criticism of the bike is the seat gets uncomfortable after a couple of hours. If I was doing regular long distance rides I would look for a more comfortable alternative, but when riding with the local group we pretty much stop every hour and a half to two hours, so the numb bum isn't too much of a problem.

      I only got to about half way and battery decided to play silly buggers. I do have a USB outlet to wire in, but for the life of me I cannot find a shop that can sell me a couple of metres of wire and a handful of terminals so I can wire it in, hopefully this will be sorted in the next few days when the bike goes in for its second service as I have a 2 day ride coming up to Bandung. For what would be the equivalent of Brisbane to Byron, Jakarta to Bandung will take over 7 hours each way. We will be going on a slightly longer route over the range, but that will be like doing Mt Mee Road with the peak hour traffic of the Gateway through Nundah on a Friday arvo when there is a prang.

      Will also be doing a ride heading south of Jakarta to the coast and then turn right and head up the coast to cut back to Jakarta.
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      Once you are out of the city areas, and the heavy traffic spots, riding isn't too bad, but it is really mentally tiring, you can't switch off at any time. The quality of riding/driving here is absolutely shit. On the ride home I nearly took out a family on a scooter who just pulled out in front of me. They think that someone waving their hand has divine rights and everyone around them will be able to defy the laws of physics to not hit them. I can see why the indonesian road toll is one of the worst in the world.