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    Hey Guys,

    As your all aware I run and represent ..

    If I introduced a section for bike parts and accessories would anyone use it? Is there a requirement in the market for bike parts + accessories trading online?

    look forward to hearing your feedback.

    There is certainly a market, but you would need to be quite competitive and have an extensive range - the tangible touch/feel of a walkthru store is worth extra money to a lot of people.

    You'll sell basically no safety gear without people trying it on... so you'd need to push for a good range of aftermarket pipes, books/manuals, basic things like fluids/oils, braided lines, Venturas, tank bags... sticker kits, keyrings & caps for popular brands could also be a money spinner. Really need someone with some solid knowledge in the bike scene to develop a web-friendly product range for you. Consistent service is also a 'product' that you should push, with a reliable site and product delivery service.

    The problem is seting it up in the first place... there's a gamble involved with building up a little stock - let's face it noone's interested in waiting two weeks for their new toy to arrive so you have to either have an initial outlay or have a reliable channel for supply on demand. Assume you would know a lot of this from your current site.

    Suggest you visit and as these are bike-specific forums that would yield a better response than this site. I'd suggest you don't name-drop your site or they'll probably just delete your post... just post up a hypothetical asking if people would be interested and what things they would be likely to purchase offline.

    Take each five positive responses as one - most people are tyrekickers and not actually going to buy anything off you, they will just be saying 'go for it' so that they have another option available if they ever do want to buy something.

    Return customers are also a little hard to come by, as people tend to keep their bikes for years and there's really only so much you can do to a bike without going silly.
    Originally posted by 350stato
    100% agree with Shifty