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Oops, I dun did it again - Another Bike, this time its comfortable......

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    The road 5s are great, have had a set on my MT09 for about 5000km and they still have 3 or 4k left I'd say. I got about 4k out of the Bridgestone battlaxs that were on there last time.


      I would be nice to get closer to 10k rather than 5k out of a set of tyres.

      Especially as I don't ride that hard.


        I do rate the road 5's on my Blade. Just looking at dates when I got my first set and service records now, the front tyre lasted me just over 15k and the rear tyre just clicked over 20k and still have a bit of life left. Mine is mostly commuting into the city though.

        It seems trying to keep the front tyre off the ground as much as possible DOES NOT reduce wear, the evidence suggests the opposite
        The Slowly IS300


          And I got a big box delivered today with a new exhaust in it.

          And it will probably have a small accident getting fitted, and a pesky tack weld broken.....

          once that weld breaks then the baffle can fall out.....

          If it's like the Daytona version should give it a nice noise without being obnoxious, and will look good. Certainly better than most other aftermarket slip ons I've seen. And it took just over a week to get from Florida to Brisbane and also managed to slip passed Gerry the cunt Harvey without getting stung for tax. Saved around $200 from the dealer price, and being US spec has the removable baffle that the euro spec doesn't have.

          Will fit it in Saturday I hope.....


            And the build quality of these Arrow slip ons is atrocious....

            Whoever put that tack weld on the bolt to hold it in for the baffle should be congratulated. A torx bit, and a 6mm spanner, it took about 30 seconds of gently trying to turn the bolt backwards and forwards for the weld to break. And the baffle was able to be removed without any tools. It was almost like they don't want the baffle to stay in there.....

            So I took it out as it could be a safety issue.

            And fitted it up. Longest part if the job was putting the bike up in the paddock stand.

            Click image for larger version

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            Started it up to make sure no leaks around the gasket and it sounds very nice. It is loud in the garage, but on the road should have presence without being obnoxious.

            Sounds a little more bassy than the Daytona did, and you can still hear the triple whistle, and no doubt the induction roar.

            I'm not sure the neighbours will be happy with early morning starts for work.....

            Just waiting for it cool back down to refit the exhaust cover and belly pan.

            Whilst a lot dearer than a 2 brothers or SC project slip on, just under $1200 all up delivered from the states, compared to $700 to $800, being developed by arrow specifically for triumph and the street triple appeals, and it looks so much better than the others, which look like you slapped a cheap eBay/Alibaba special on the bike.