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Race Replica FTR1200S

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    Race Replica FTR1200S

    Had this thing a couple of years now, has stuck around so I guess I must be fond of it...

    Picked up the Race Replica new in 2019, it was a bit of a departure from the bikes I've owned in the past (almost exclusively sports bikes) but I saw the concept a couple of years before and liked it.

    Had the Akrapovic baffles pulled in pre delivery and a few bits put on, but pickings were slim at the time. SC Project pipes and cat delete were ordered before the bike was delivered but still had to wait 3 months for them to be made and sent. Fuelling on these things is pretty garbage, especially when you pull the cat, Polaris uses multiple fuel tables and the change over points generally sit in the rev range where the gearing likes the engine to rev, so I had to do something there... Ordered a PV3 and remote tune from "the guy" to go to in the US, has been exceptionally average despite alot of social media experts drinking the cool-aid. Not really a fix but It'll do until someone local can sort it out.

    So, two years and about 6k km down the track I still like the FTR. Very well suited for the roads up here, very easy to fling around, will wheelie with ease and 3rd is about the sweet spot for having a play in the hills. Had to change the flat track oriented stock tyres for something better - odd wheel sizes gives you slim pickings but 17 inch wheels kill the aesthetic. T32 Bridgestones do ok, grip all the way to the edge where the header touches down on the right or the feelers on the left peg touch down.

    13L fuel tank is good for meeting fuel station owners, the best i've done is 213km which was just spluttering into my new best mate's servo. Have fiddled with the suspension a little, still have an understreer problem but getting there. The stock DT3R's had a nasty oversteer / straight line traction issue so I think the T32's are well ahead.

    This thing will stick around as a second bike for a while, gremlins and all, but I'm certainly keen to get back to something more in my lane.

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    Wow... Nopics. What a Muppet...
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