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    Had some time today so started making the firewall. The bottom half is all done sonow just have to trim the top section to fit 100 percent.


      So the fire wall is done. Now when the interior is painted I will fit it and epoxy it. Has come up real goo fitment wise.

      The outer section of the main hoop is dead easy and will do it tomorrow.


        Started fitting the interior back in (as i wanted a break from doing the firewall/bulkhead) to finish the wiring and mount the hydraulic reseviors. Will have a hard time finding a spot for the hydraulic handbrake. It is starting to get cramped in there. Any ideas?

        Thankfully I have just the right amount of leg stretch cosidering the pedal assembly shifted the seat so far back. Also it is nice the the column is tily and reach adjustable.

        Anyways some pics.


          So the car is being put back together.

          Engine bay is done. Brake fittings and clutch line is poking through the fire wall. The brake pressure sensors are there as well.

          There are some mega runs in the paint thanks to a fellow PF members handiwork.

          and found this on the floor in the spare room. where to put it....


            I dont see any runs? hahaha


              So the bastard car is nearing completion. I can't believe it.

              Still aiming for mid December. I will be in like Flin at this rate.

              It is looking tighter than I remembered.

              Wastegate is going to be moved so that it is behind the headlight so that I at least have a place to vent it apart from out the bonnet. What was I thinking?

              Apart from that all that it needs is some little bits here and there and the engine loom terminated.

              will do this in the next few weeks and tune in December when my tuner gets back from Sema.


                Looking good alex

                u forgot the pic with the pizza? haha


                  Originally posted by Alex.P View Post
                  Been fucking around with the guards. They don't look as bad as i thought.

                  Want a 17x8/9 with a 255/265 45/17 or a 240/610/17 full slick
                  The 240 is an interesting tyre, not your 'traditional' dunlop tyre, it's a compound they use in England (make sure your tyre place has them in stock, they are normally a specialty order), it's more of a soft sports car tyre (somewhere between a D11 and D12), the 265 is the d11 compound (i'd say it would be to hard for your car)


                    awesome, alex! please advise of debut outing :D
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                      Front of car all done. Just some basic wiring left to do. 60mm wate gate put in a more descreet position. Amazed i could get it to fit in there.
                      All the water lines are done front to rear. Cooling system is finished.

                      Support for the chassis rail. Not that it needs it but better to be safe.

                      Rear baulkhead all done. Top section will have a lexan window to enable rear view.
                      Front radiator box and rear exit duct is done. Just have to plub up pipes from the nacas in the rear quarters to the front box.
                      Surge tank is done with two 044's for E85.

                      Custom sump Holds about a litre more tham than the standard item.

                      It should be running in three weeks for sure!!


                        Unreal. Cant wait to see some videos of it in action.
                        Originally posted by Dimi
                        80mm of penetration isn't bad, i wish i had that much.
                        Originally posted by schnitzelburger
                        My entire working career pretty much consists of suckin dick and takin names.

                        Sometimes im too busy to take names.


                          So update.....

                          Was hoping to get it running this week.

                          All is ready to get it running.

                          Big hurdle.....motec does not want to talk to the isis system on certain channels.

                          Major head fuck....... so I ordered a MoTeC PDM 30 this morning. Should have it tomorrow. Will wire it up next week.

                          Man another chunk of cash gone but I love MoTeC prducts. Should have got one from the start and not skimped onit to begin with.


                            looking good Alex, can't wait to see this beast in person



                              Nice work, Alex! Tell Scotty he needs to look at my nugget soon too :p
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                                Seeing as there was a couple of replies.....

                                Interior was painted matt black this weekend just past. Have refitted all the interior.

                                Have just chased down a carbon blade to make the rear wing and have started making the front splitter....ghetto spec.

                                The interior looks so much better in black compared to white.

                                attn Ryan, I thought you were getting rid/selling the car?