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Drag Starion

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    Originally posted by muttaburra View Post
    How many cordia's are left. I'm sure most of them have rusted away by now. I remember looking at one about 1993 and it was a '88 model and it had rust.
    Hmm one of my neighbour has two in his yard. One of them is a daily driver. I don't think I've seen any others around outside of wreckers for 5+ years.
    Originally posted by Walt Kowalski
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      Yep, there were more Cordias sold, but I think I have seen 2 in the last 7 years.
      Widebody GTS-tt


        I just google imaged the Starion and some of the better examples look great. Seems like a perfect project car for someone into the older vehicles.


          Got any pics / links to yours?

          Originally posted by NXTIME View Post
          Race Spec, nice summarization

          There widebodies have been around two dozen widebody versions imported from the JDM and a couple from the USA. I have personally imported 5 over the years. Still have one that I drive every now and then. Can also attest to the puzzled looks from onlookers when they try to work out what it is. Had mine out today and had a cople of guys taking pics and asking questions.

          Can't wait for Aaron to represent at the drag strip with his JA. I have no doubt that it will run the numbers he wants.
          Originally posted by thebluerx7
          The fact they want to ban cash makes me want to go out and use it full time again now .


            Originally posted by Sucker View Post
            Looks like a nice ride.

            Eta until track skids?
            Thanks mate.

            Hopefully dialed in and tested by Jambo.

            Originally posted by caged View Post
            Looking good mate, I just picked up a torqueflite to sit behind my 63. They are far and few between now days.
            Yeah, as soon as one came up I jumped on it. It is already full manual/reverse pattern but Waiting on parts from Cope Racing Transmission to give it a freshen up.

            Originally posted by I'm DJ! View Post
            Got any pics / links to yours?
            Here is Charlies nugget


              Used to have a shorty '85 Pajero with a G63B in it. Came that way, not sure how that happened? Had unending problems with the two injectors. Was gaids.

              Ended up sending to the wreckers as it blew an oil seal on the turbo, injectors died and body was full of rust...

              /thread jack


                That's an awesome Starion


                  Thought I had better do an update, been flatout with work & andra shit. But Engine is in & ready for fab work around it.

                  Did a test fit of the Magnus Manifold & Fuel Rail.

                  The manifold will be shipped back to the USA soon to be plumbed with hard lines etc by Nitrous Express for a 4cyl direct port system.


                    So this just happened, pick it up at SEMA


                      Originally posted by 1320ft View Post
                      Thanks mate.

                      Hopefully dialed in and tested by Jambo.
                      Which one? lol

                      Probably jambo 30 for me


                        none of the pictures in the first post work anymore. i want to see photos of the car designed by people with only a straight edged ruler
                        [ ]
                        [ ]


                          Managed to get some work done on the weekend


                            I learnt to drive in my Dads 82 station. I think it was $27000 back then, so not cheap. It felt so space age at the time and he used to play some crazy synthesiser music in the tape deck.I vaguely remember him occasionally racing a green Rx 7 when he would drive us to school. He blew the motor and it sat for a long time in the dealers until they got a engine in. Was super quick in comparison to my mates cars in 1989.

                            Would love to see a well sorted one now days. Keep posting!
                            "Beware the lollipop of mediocrity: lick it once and you'll suck forever" Brian Wilson


                              Have been working away to get this thing ready to head off to Pedal2Metal Fab for: th-400 mount, tailshaft loop, seat/harness/fuel cell/shifter/parachute mounts, door trims (alloy but will be getting trimmed) racepak dash surround for the dashtop.

                              So this week has been getting the new hubs & brakes front & rear on, with the ARP studs etc


                                Epic progress happening on this now

                                All the fabwork is being done by Steve at Pedal 2 Metal Fab in Penrith.

                                Parachute Mount

                                Seats Mounted

                                Fuel Cell Mounted

                                Cro Moly Trans Mount & Tailshaft Loop

                                New Moly Removeable Intrusions