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New PF Racers Rules - read

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    New PF Racers Rules - read

    Please note the new rules for the Car Corner area. Moderation will be stricter than in the past, and if you don't obey the rules expect to be moderated!

    Your new moderators for this section are: Pol Pot, TJ

    The Car Corner section (and all subsections) is for putting up details of your car, bike, 4x4 or race car and document any changes over time. This section will have tighter moderation than the offtopic sections and is not there for people prove their e-ego or slag off others. Any of these actions will result in moderation. The following rules apply:
    • No personal attacks are allowed - you can rib people to an extent, but soon as you start calling them a fuckhead or a wanker, then you've probably crossed the line.
    • If you don't like what a person has done to their car, at least use some tact when pointing this out, and use some common sense. Would you tell the person to their face in public? Probably not..
    • Not everybody can afford an expensive car, or has $50k to throw at modifying a car. Respect that fact, and don't belittle others for not being as well off as yourself.
    • If you have a separate car, put up a separate thread for it. Trying to read what is going on with multiple cars in one thread becomes a pain in the arse.
    • No porn or NSFW content is allowed in this section and it should remain work friendly.
    • If you want to post a stupid or tongue in cheek ride thread, post it in Off Topic where it can be a free-for-all, not in this section which is for serious topics only

    For those that breach the rules the following will occur:

    1/ Mods will edit or delete the offending post(s) and explain why they did.
    2/ Second warning
    3/ Banned from the car corner section for 1 week
    4/ Continued wankery - banned from the car corner section for 1 month
    5/ You're always a cunt in there - perma ban from these section(s)

    If you take an offence to a post, or need some action, take it up with a PM to the moderators above. If you aren't happy with the moderator action, take it up with Billzilla or the primary admin (centrelink)
    your former friendly cambodian dictator