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BEAVIS' White NB Turbo Track Car

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    Seen it.
    NA8B 89KW- P.I. 1:50.1, WNTN1:38.0, SDWN 1:27.6, WKFLD 1:10.4
    NB8B 181KW- P.I 1:43.8, WNTN 1:32.9, SDWN 1:22.0, BDFD 1:05.3
    VP 293KW- P.I 1:43.8 WNTN 1:33.5


      So here are some pics of us making the second wing.

      Laying up the wing, some 3 or 4 layers of carbon weave, waterjet cut 12mm alloy end plate mounts. The shape was designed by lightyear and myself, and then drawn in CAD by yours truly.

      Vacuum bagging the whole lot because wings love pressure differentials.

      Makeshift autoclave to aid with post curing, $12 heater and some old blankies to keep 'er warm.

      Straight out of the bag, needs a few hours of sanding and cleaning up.

      Strength test, after this photo was taken we had a go at standing on the wing at the same time. The wing didn't bat an eyelid.

      Sanded, trimmed, holes tapped for mounting to the wing endplates. Not 100% finished in this pic, but almost....
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        Are you going to be selling these?

        if so how much?
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          Need to do some testing on it first. It passed the basic test at Sandown set at zero degrees. Car felt good and top speed didn't drop. But I am waiting for Phillip island in a couple of weeks when the Beavis can come down and we can do a bunch of tests.
          I will try and play with it at Winton tomorrow. It's good that I went to Winton recently, so have plenty of data to see how much difference the wing makes.
          The next thing is manufacturing technique. This wing works perfect, but I wouldn't be happy to sell it.
          NA8B 89KW- P.I. 1:50.1, WNTN1:38.0, SDWN 1:27.6, WKFLD 1:10.4
          NB8B 181KW- P.I 1:43.8, WNTN 1:32.9, SDWN 1:22.0, BDFD 1:05.3
          VP 293KW- P.I 1:43.8 WNTN 1:33.5


            From whom do you buy your carbon fibre?


              Originally posted by ENGINR View Post
              From whom do you buy your carbon fibre?
              Time Attack Turbo Build Thread // //


                I'm overdue for an update.

                Floor cut is done, the OMP seat can bolt in and STAY in now, and it is actually reasonably low...... Have I mentioned how much I hate MX-5's and their lack of room for seats?

                Anyway.... onto something different. LS2 Corvette Coils.
                Thankfully, these are easily available in Australia because every second V8 Holden runs the LS motor.

                Well I need to find a nice and neat way to mount these, so, bust out my low spec 'fabrication' tools. Angle grinder, hammer, some bits of steel.

                So, after an hour or two of work, this was the mockup of what I had in mind.

                I then cut down the M6 rod, welded a nut to the end of it to make a 200mm long bolt.
                And cut up some alloy tube for spacers between the coil packs.

                With the main bracket now done. I added some very necessary speed holes and gave it a shot of silver paint.

                All Bolted up to the motor.

                There is also a length of M6 rod on the other side of the coil packs with alloy tube spaced between them and a small steel brace to keep them supported. I tried to make it subtle on that side and I think I succeeded.

                Lastly, wiring..... a work in progress at the moment. Thanks to Alex 'bartune' Barton for the help with this.
                Time Attack Turbo Build Thread // //


                  I took the Supercharged street car for a drive to Phillip Island.
                  While I was not competing in the track sprint day, I did get a chance to do a few slow laps around the track at lunch time...

                  Video of the day:
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                    All of your pictures are broken for me


                      hmm... they are hosted on imgur, seem to be ok?
                      Time Attack Turbo Build Thread // //


                        I was very satisfied when I fired up the ECU last weekend and everything seems to be working well.

                        After all the:
                        • rewiring of sensors
                        • new injector and coil pack looms
                        • deletion of all the unnecessary dash wiring
                        • hefty wire cleanup from many of the wires in the engine bay

                        We tested injectors, checked the LS2 coil packs, configured the oil temp and oil pressure sensors, setup the MAC valve..... and everything was working as expected. The MS3 was happy and so am I.

                        Next thing to do is update the ECU firmware, and get the flex fuel sensor working.
                        The docco I've looked at suggests I need to be using the 'clutch switch' input to the ecu, and it appears the firmware the ECU is currently running is missing the flex sensor functionality.
                        While there is a very good chance I will run the car on dedicated E85, I might as well set the flex sensor up if I can.
                        Time Attack Turbo Build Thread // //


                          Great skills! Loved reading this thread.
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                            For anyone interested, the fastback roof from this car is for sale, more details here:

                            Time Attack Turbo Build Thread // //


                              great build mate
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                                We used to use Rav 4 Coil on Plug units on the MX5s too - just required a spacer and mount plate sitting in the rocker cover valley. Those LS2 ones should provide enough spark!
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