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    Indeed, Toyota COPs are a very common upgrade option for the MX5, but I decided to go with the LS coil packs because they are overkill for my needs and pretty cheap thankfully.
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      Update time!

      While reworking the wiring for the coil packs, things got a little out of hand and all the wires from the engine loom have now been trimmed and rewrapped.(As I mentioned in an earlier post)
      You can see the two Deutsch plugs for the injectors and coil packs. And all the front wires now run down the middle of the intake manifold, no more unsightly wires along the motor and out the front like you see on a stock NB.

      New coil packs needed new plug leads.
      So I got myself some fat wire, boots and crimpers.

      After a few hours one evening in front of the telly.... 4 leads for me and 4 spares in the event of an issue in the future.

      I need to be sure to manage temperatures, so I've made a heatshield for the exhaust manifld/turbo.
      Designed and folded from CAD, the mockup worked well because the end result looks quite reasonable.
      I made it extra deep on the rear/turbine side.
      Welded some studs to the manifold and it now bolts on quite happily.

      Had to pull the manifold off the car to weld the studs on, so here's the neat little package with turbo, lines and downpipe all together.
      It's tricky, but this whole lot can be installed onto the car assembled as is.
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        Sorry for keeping you all in the dark lately. Life gets in the way sometimes.

        After some 3 or more years in use, I've removed the fastback from the track car.....
        It's being demoted, but thankfully it has been replaced by a newer, lighter version, kindly donated by the Lightyear.
        So I have started work on mounting the new roof. It will then need to be prepped, painted and windows installed.

        But the roof hasn't gone far. At least not for the moment.

        Speaking of the NA, I put it on the dyno recently to see just whether or not the supercharger was running everything ok and not going result in a surprise kaboom.

        The results:
        Time Attack Turbo Build Thread // //


          Some more news...

          A sticker arrived in the mail...

          And was installed on the car.

          I've also managed to get the Nexus Tablet working with the 'OTG' USB cable, so it can now charge while connected to a USB device. (such as the ECU)
          If you're not familiar with these gizmos, basically the USB port in a phone or tablet which most people only know of as a charge port can in fact also be used to connect other devices like a keyboard, mouse or usb thumb drive.
          However, what if you want to charge the device while also connecting another device? Well you need a 'OTG' USB cable.

          Here's me taking a photo because I was so happy that I got it working with MSdroid talking to the MS3.

          While I am using MSdroid above, I am actually thinking of moving to ShadowDash for more customisation.
          So I started on a custom dashboard to run in the car whilst out on track. After a few nights after work doing the designs.... I went from this:

          To something more like this...

          And so I''ve pretty much finished the Dash for now, and quite chuffed with the result.
          Created images for all the indicators I want to use, so things like overboost, CEL, and FanOn now display with stylish icons.
          Once I start using it in the car, I may need to make some adjustments


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            That's the cool thing about being a nerd, you can do shit like this.
            NA8B 89KW- P.I. 1:50.1, WNTN1:38.0, SDWN 1:27.6, WKFLD 1:10.4
            NB8B 181KW- P.I 1:43.8, WNTN 1:32.9, SDWN 1:22.0, BDFD 1:05.3
            VP 293KW- P.I 1:43.8 WNTN 1:33.5


              The real Nerds are the clever ones who can make it all work with a car's ECU. I'm just a half assed attempt at being a nerd.
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                While a large majority of the underbonnet work on the car is done (well, for now), there were a couple of things that I did need to address to settle my OCD.

                So, I wanted to moved the IAT sensor to read post intercooler.
                The easiest way to do this was to tap into the side of the intercooler. I'm hoping that where the sensor is now mounted will give a reasonably accurate reading.

                The standard GM IAT calls for a 3/8 NPT Tap....

                Here's a shot down into the gizzards of the cooler. It all looks about right to me.

                The other thing that needed attention was the water pump inlet pipe. It was too close to the turbo for my liking, and meant that removing the turbo would probably require removing this pipe.
                So I took to it with the cutting blade on the grinder, and gave it a slight kink, just enough to get the clearance I need.

                Next is to weld this back together, but I'll leave that for another day.
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                  The dash is impressive, looking forward to seeing it mounted.
                  Sandown 1.23.31
                  Calder 1.05.76
                  Phillip Island 1.47.95
                  Winton 1.33.30
                  H/Hills hill climb 1.03.3(FG XR6T)
                  Bathurst 2.47.49


                    Here's the result of my first aluminium weld attempt - welding the water pump coolant inlet pipe as mentioned in the last post.
                    Not great, not a disaster and not bad for a first try I guess. But, most importantly, water tight. And now it offers the extra clearance from the turbo inlet which is what I was after.

                    And while I was at it, I had a go at welding the BOV flange to this aluminium intake tube. This is the tube that runs between the intercooler and the throttle body.
                    I cut, drilled and opened up a hole in the tube to allow the flange to receive the air, then massaged it to try ensure the tube and the flange meet up reasonably close. There were a few large gaps that made welding trickier. I think the differences in thickness also made it trickier. Being a polished pipe, there's probably a heap of polishing compound in there causing contamination?

                    The BOV in question is a turbosmart kompact for a Nissan I believe. Although it's a 'plumback' design, I'm just going to run it open to atmosphere as pictured.
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                      A couple of weeks ago I spent a weekend making these new flat carbon/fibreglass door trims to replace the previous CF ones which were too bulky for these gutted doors.
                      I wanted a simple flat panel, with a neat door pull and opener. The previous door trim opener was just a bit of electrician wire, and there was no door pull at all. So pretty much anything was better than what I had before.

                      The trim is mounted with 7 hex head M6 bolts. I riveted on these aluminium tabs and threw a rivnut in them

                      The interior door handle you may have noticed in the first pic is simply some aluminum tube bolted to the inner side of the exterior door handle. Pushing on the tube from inside the car will push the exterior door handle out. But, its simple and no fancy/complicated latch mechanisms required. Hand looks far too dirty for an IT nerd.

                      I'll finish off the top edge that meets the window with some sort of trim - haven't worked that out yet.
                      The door pulls were some random blue strap I had lying around. Opening the door is now as easy as pushing your thumb on the alloy tube and out the door pops.

                      Next thing on the to-do list is to start on sanding and painting the new fastback roof...
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                        neat and simple


                          In case you're not a subscriber of my channel on YouTube, or you just missed it, I have a collection of new videos coming out, here's episode 1

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                            Fastback Part 1
                            Over the last few weekends I've been doing my least favourite thing, body work. Bleah.

                            The new roof needs to be sanded, holes filled, painted, windows installed, and finally mounted. I've started on the boot section first, filled all the little pinholes and imperfections.

                            After many hours fillling and sanding with 120grit, this is where it ended up. You may have noticed the hole right in the middle where the third brake light usually lives.

                            This is the quick latch mount I've gone with.... It has a socket which hooks into a bolt with a spherical end. To remove the boot I just need to push the button and the whole thing pops backwards.
                            It's a larger size normally for mounting things like bonnets/hoods, but a single latch in the middle here seems to work well.
                            These apparantly can support upwards of 80kg which should be more than enough considering the boot weighs about 5% of that.
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                              Fastback Part 2

                              So the roof is all ready for paint now... Main roof section is now sanded

                              These are the mounting points out the rear of the main roof section, riveted and epoxied on, which the boot slides onto. Its just some aluminium tube welded to a flat alloy strip. The tube slides into holes on the boot.

                              The whole lot back on the car for now. Looking forward to getting it all painted and some windows installed so the car is completely sealed up again.

                              Well there you go, ready for primer next, and some sanding and perhaps a little more filling before the paint goes on.
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                                So onto painting, and first off... allow me to introduce you to my makeshift paint booth:

                                With that I was able to get the parts primered for the first time which was a good feeling.

                                I then hit the whole lot with some more sanding and filled a few more imperfections.

                                A final coat of primer to seal it all up. Looking nice and smooth all over now and in the sun to cure well. Special mention to the supercharged NA.

                                Finally, colour! Looking nice and shiny in what I thought was Mazda 'Pure White'.

                                I had an apprentice helping out, however the bloke was pretty useless so I fired him.

                                After a day enjoying the sun I set the parts on the car and scratched my head as to why the colour was so off...

                                It would seem the bloke at the paint shop stuffed up somehow along the way. The colour was too creamy. I went back and he mixed me up another can. He thinks he may have forgotten to add some black to the mix, either that or his paint code software is off. Note the two open cans. On the left is the original colour, on the right is the new mix.

                                So second attempt at painting and the colour is looking better. The ladder was a good tool for standing the roof up.

                                A reasonably nice gloss off the gun, and some orange peel. I guess I'm reasonably satisfied with the level of peel. When I get the time I might try sand it out a bit. Anyone know if it's worth the bother? Or will I make it worse?

                                The end result

                                Now it needs rear quarter and rear windows, seals and some brackets to mount it to the car, then this milestone is done.
                                But, gonna start on the exhaust next... and come back to the windows.
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