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    This is not a ghetto build. You could spot weld a light x across it but why? It's plastic. If it sucks out, then pick it up and repeat...
    Originally posted by thebluerx7
    The fact they want to ban cash makes me want to go out and use it full time again now .


      Have been working on the rear wing with a fabricator friend the past few weekends
      20191012_102432 by Shane, on Flickr

      The mounts for the Top Stage wing are perfectly situatted where the rear chassis rails are..almost like it was meant for it! So we mounted the mounts on the chassis rails
      20191012_105003 by Shane, on Flickr
      20191012_105011 by Shane, on Flickr
      20191012_113919 by Shane, on Flickr

      Cut the boot so I can still open the boot (Just have to undo wing from mounts)
      20191013_104351 by Shane, on Flickr
      20191013_104407 by Shane, on Flickr

      Friend made some top plates for more adjustability but we might modify again to make it lower as it sits pretty high.
      SmartSelect_20191012-214347_Instagram by Shane, on Flickr
      SmartSelect_20191012-214418_Instagram by Shane, on Flickr
      SmartSelect_20191012-214403_Instagram by Shane, on Flickr
      SmartSelect_20191012-214427_Instagram by Shane, on Flickr
      Originally posted by The Property Guru
      don't haemophrodites generally have tiny wangs?
      Originally posted by oxy
      No, that's asians
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        cutting the hatch would have been slightly nerve racking. Looking good though!.
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