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    Awesome. Thanks for the info. Yes, running the Steers at the moment but they donít fill me with confidence when high speed braking.


      There were seat mounts welded in already to suit a side mount seat...but the nopics wants to be able to have a steer occasionally, so fixed side mount wasn't going to cut it.

      Reusing the seats out of Morgan - a basic Sabelt Racer for the driver and a very old Sparco for the occasional passenger.

      So picked up an OMP universal seat mount

      Welded some extra angle in with welded nuts underneath for the bolts.

      Other side was easier - just drilled some new holes for the side mounts and bingo - seats mounted.

      Race Car: VT Commodore (Murray)


        Apologies for not responding to these earlier - I wasn't quite myself at the end of last year.

        Originally posted by Teamgemini View Post
        Should be fun. When you start shredding through a set of rears every stage let me know. Have quite the stockpile of decent 15s in Pirelli, Dunlop and mrf laying around.
        Thanks! Rowdy supplied me with some, but I reckon I will need some more once it hits the tracks

        Originally posted by rowdytoot View Post
        Looking forward to seeing this thing running Gaz... [emoji3]
        Won't be long - i'm a bit further ahead with the build than the story
        Race Car: VT Commodore (Murray)


          Trying to make a story of this but failing badly!

          Anyway, Hoonboy came over to give me a hand one day and next minute the engine and gearbox were in.

          Started to bolt some other stuff in and work out where things went.

          A/C lines were the first things in

          Needed to put some nutserts in and bolt up the header tank bracket

          New Heater hoses
          Of course where I'd run the rear brake lines inside was where the heater hoses wanted to be...
          Some creative routing and bending made it work.

          Race Car: VT Commodore (Murray)


            Bought an eBay Hydro handbrake

            Mounted it on the tunnel and ran lines along the tunnel to the bulkhead fittings installed much earlier behind the booster.

            Race Car: VT Commodore (Murray)


              There was a Ripshift lying around at work (cancelled order) so I thought why not - it was the Race version!

              Dropped the gearbag down, installed the bloody thing (this would have neen much easier while the gearbox was out...)

              Jacked the box up and mmm...

              So out came the angle grinder and I made the hole bigger.

              Turn the cut out around

              and a bit of weld to stick it together.

              and painted

              new boot and gearknob - just like a bought one.

              Race Car: VT Commodore (Murray)


                Noice Gary.... [emoji3]

                1998 MX5 - Ohlins DFV coilovers, Roll bar,15 x7.5 Konig Litespeeds, Mania Intake
                2014 Colorado LT - Oversized Whitegoods. Kid/bike/track hack/horse hauler.


                  Had to fix a small issue with a failed installation of a crotch plate under the LH seat.

                  Cut out the old

                  I was having issues getting the welder low enough to weld without making holes - so it didn't turn out perfect but is strong enough!

                  Can't find the bloody pic, sorry

                  Eagle eyed viewers will have noticed that once the seats were in, the harness bar was going to be too high.

                  I made the driver's seat as low as possible (still higher than I wanted because of the adjuster).

                  So I bought some roll cage tube and stuck another bar in below the original.

                  Now I used this height due to the no-pics being shorter than me - It may be a tad low for me - although the angle is withing CAMS rules - just not for FHR use...

                  In a bit of a scary moment, I had some plywood covering the floor to stop spatter getting to the floor, then used a couple of old towels to plug up the gaps.

                  As usual, ran out of gas while welding, so had to go get more.
                  While i was inside getting car keys, etc sorted to go, the young bloke says "Is something burning?"

                  mmm... look outside and the towel is on fire! FUCK!!

                  Fortunately it hadn't done much damage.

                  Race Car: VT Commodore (Murray)


                    Painted the cage and it turns out if you look closely, I did a shit job in some parts
                    But if you don't look too closely, it is fine.

                    I relocated the ECU from the engine bay into the vacant airbag location.

                    High tech latches to secure the cover!

                    Race Car: VT Commodore (Murray)


                      Haven't had time to write the rest of the story up but here are a few photos to keep everyone amused.

                      Radiator in

                      Tidied up the wiring a bit

                      Made some door trims

                      Then it was time to start it...
                      Race Car: VT Commodore (Murray)


                        Forgot the pic of the finished fuel system/filler - just imagine the really cool support/drip tray

                        So we had fuel, fuel pump pressure, ignition lights but no crank...

                        Realised I was using the wrong key head and swapped that over - that got the starter relay clicking.
                        Immediately thought that maybe I should have checked the starter before I refitted it - but it was working in a running car when it came out.

                        So traced the starter wiring from the starter and they ended here

                        Eagle eyed punters will notice the cut off wires at top left - which were tucked under the fusebox originally.

                        So a new plug to join the wires up and it started!
                        Race Car: VT Commodore (Murray)


                          Then there was a whole lot of fiddly jobs

                          parcel shelf

                          Guards on

                          Rear Inner Guard - looked neater after sound deadner painted on

                          Additional support for the front bumper

                          Tow strap

                          Mudflaps - which need to be redone when I have time

                          And had to put new rear pads in since I stole the ones out of the car to put on my stepdaughters VX one afternoon after she went metal to metal...

                          Pretty much ready for shakedown now!
                          Race Car: VT Commodore (Murray)


                            Aluminium flashing tape is good for extra sealing on parcel shelf, etc. if required. Looking good!


                              Originally posted by Tardinator View Post
                              Aluminium flashing tape is good for extra sealing on parcel shelf, etc. if required. Looking good!
                              Yep, there is a heap of that covering various holes

                              The parcel shelf is sealed with fire resistant Sikaflex
                              Race Car: VT Commodore (Murray)


                                So a couple of weeks ago, Murray made his competition debut.

                                Was going well until I managed to hit a rock, just off line and broke the steering rack!

                                In-car while it was still going

                                Race Car: VT Commodore (Murray)