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    No pinging that Iíve noticed. It occasionally misfires for a couple of minutes when cold but then smooths out and thereís only once been misfire/ignition break down when actually out on track (a couple of events ago) and it fixed itself and hasnít happened since. In retrospect, some of those 45/67% throttle measurements could have been me lifting slightly as the back straight has a kink in it, however the 67% lap was my fastest of the day and usually if you lift, itís very slight through the corner then back on the power for another 250m or so before the braking zone. The throttle data does not go back up though and drops to zero once I start down shifting. So, not a true reflection of what I was doing with the pedal. Also if the throttle was closing to save the engine, you would then think it would be opening again after 7400ish rpm when I started to feel full power come back, but the data doesnít show that. I would have thought the ECU would just pull timing if the fuel leans out as thatís a lot more aggressive and immediate protection than closing the throttle? This stuff is not my domain so Iím only guessing but itís interesting to speculate. Iím not overly worried as I reckon the car has been this way since I got it and Iíve only now driven it a couple of times without popping coolant hoses to realise that itís not right. Iíd imagine if it was dangerous to the motor it would be fucked by now as Iíve probably done 400 odd kms. The car otherwise is running well. If you hadnít driven a GT3 in anger before you probably wouldnít even notice as it still feels pretty rapid.

    The shop who works on it are running a car in Carrera Cup at the Adelaide 500 in a couple of weeks so it will go in to them after thatís finished and hopefully then weíll have a verdict.