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Alfa Romeo 156 circuit

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    Alfa Romeo 156 circuit

    I was debating if this car belongs to street or racers but decided for racers as it is track dedicated car now.

    I bought this one back in May 2017 as my daily but with the intent of eventually making it a racer. Fully stock 2002 Alfa Romeo 156 Twin Spark 2.0 four cylinder engine with 150 bhp. Cost me about $2500 and had the timing belt done recently. The car was in good shape and didn't need anything apart from the usual maintenance.

    In 2017 I attended a couple of khanacrosses, a couple of hillclimbs and did happy laps at both QR and Lakeside. Click image for larger version

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    2018 season was my first serious year in racing.

    The car has got the following during that christmas break:
    ST suspension kit
    Goodridge braided brake hoses
    EBC Yellowstuff pads all round
    DBA slotted and dimpled rotors
    Penrite Racing brake fluid
    Hankook RS-4 tires in stock size of 215/45 R17

    I attended all Italian Challenge sprints and all events (12 sprints in total) as well as a three Mt Cotton hillclimbs and a couple of khanacrosses.
    My 2018 personal bests were:
    QR sprint - 1:07.361
    QR clubman - 1:10.112
    QR sportsman - 1:09.360
    QR national - 1:39.6697
    Lakeside - 1:07.361
    Mt Cotton - 54.17

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      Nice. It's always good to see something different on the track.

      I've got to scratch the Alfa itch at some stage and now you have me looking at carsales.......

      They seem cheap enough and a fair bit of goodies that if you get 12 months to 2 years before something goes bang in a good way you've done alright.


        Great stuff! Assume it's a manual?

        They are good things. Engines bullet proof (provided you do the belts), they don't just fall apart or catch fire like folklore would have you believe. Biggest expense for my high miler was shit like suspension bushings that wore out with use.

        I think the 156 is particular has aged bloody well - hard to believe it's a 20 year old car now!


          Great work, I've seen you out at the track. Odd that your Lakeside time is the same as the QR Sprint, usually it's more similar to the Cubman time.
          Rust is lighter than carbon fibre.

          My Italian 510


            These Alfas are now really cheap, that's one of the reasons to track one - I can walk away and get another one for a grand. And in my opinion based on having a few of them, they are reliable enough. This car has attended more than 30 race meets with just basic maintenance.

            Then there are GT 3.2 which start and around 5000 mark and are in fact 147/156 GTA in a different body, therefore quite capable.


              Stop putting ideas into my head, I have enough money pits as it is.......

              Looking forward to see the development of this over the next year.

              Are you just going to continue with sprints, or look to move to door to door???


                Season 2018 was certainly fun, I got 5 trophies, wore the brake pads and Hankooks out (though they all did last roughly a year).

                Year 2019 brought some new upgrades to the car. I got Ti wheels - the lightest stock Alfa 17" suitable for this model, but still got the same Hankooks RS4. I opted for Ferodo DS2500 this year, but there's barely any difference compared to Yellowstuff.

                The other big upgrade was a set of some cheap taiwanese coilovers with 11.5 kg springs up front and 5 kg rear springs. Coilovers and improving skills got me much faster than year before. I have run 20 sprints this year and there's one more timeattack round at Lakeside on 23/11 to go

                My current PBs are
                Lakeside — 1:07.178
                QR sprint — 1:04.701
                QR clubman — 1:08.780
                QR sportsman — 1:08.283
                QR national — 1:38.439

                Click image for larger version

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                  I got a few other mods along the way in 2019 - got rid of aircon bits as it wasn't working anyway, put motorcycle battery in (that's 10kg weight saving for $65) and K&N filter into stock airbox. Removed some of inner trim from under the hood and trunk. The cockpit stayed intact to meet timeattack street class regulations. I also got some el cheapo bucket seat which helped a lot.


                    Liking this! IMO it's the definition of grassroots motorsport. Plenty of seat time in a great priced package.


                      seriously considered a 156gta that had all the fruit over here for a track/daily combo but seller went OS and parked it in the garage, doh!