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    List is actually not that big at all!!


      Today the mailman showed up with a large and rather heavy box:

      They arrived much sooner than I expected! I haven't had a chance to do anything with it yet but I couldn't resist having a quick look.

      Front strut:

      Rear shock:

      Interestingly it appears to be a coilover style setup but is shipped without the spring and top hat. Instead we have this funky setup for the springs:

      It looks like a pretty well constructed bit of kit from what I can see, can't wait to put it in and see how it performs!


        what spring rates u running?


          This is the brand new MA61 specific kit which comes with 6 kg/mm springs front and rear, however I optioned mine with 7kg springs in the front.


            It's a bit pointless but I couldn't resist doing a quick test fit of the coilovers. Here's the front strut just hanging there, I still need to get the lower section of the old struts welded on before they can be installed for good:

            The rears can be installed properly though:

            My only complaint so far is that the kit didn't include upper bushes for the rear shocks - there was just a nut and a washer. I didn't think it was a great idea to solidly mount it to the body, so for now I'm re-using some very worn OEM bushes from the Celica. I'll see if I can get something better soon!

            Apart from that it looks pretty good, and for the money I spent ($1299 inc delivery) I really can't complain at all - I could spend close to that much on a set of King springs and shitty Monroe shocks, and I'm pretty confident this setup will be leaps and bounds better.

            Can't wait to see how it drives, but that's probably a fair way off. With any luck I'll get the welding portion done early next month and then I can at least see how it sits on the ground.


              Just grab a pair of shock bushings from SuperPro, cheap, simple, and easy.
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                imo, PM me Tuesday and I'll make some Superbro happen


                  Thanks but I've already ordered some bushes, should be here by mid week hopefully.


                    My photos app popped up a notification showing what I'd taken a photo of on this day 3 years ago, turns out that was the day I'd started pulling the Supra apart:

                    Originally posted by Norbie View Post
                    So I decided to actually pull my finger out and see if I can get this POS running again. Here's the engine bay basically unchanged from when something went bang ~8 years ago, just more dust and corrosion:

                    Covers off, was hoping it would be something simple like a shim spat out, but no it all looks fine in there:

                    So it's probably something bottom-end related, as I originally assumed. Still an outside chance it's something to do with the harmonic balancer or the dual-mass flywheel, but in any case I need to get the engine out and have a proper look. So I made a solid start:

                    I'd forgotten what a prick of a job it is to get the turbo off, I blame cheap shitty Chinabay manifolds. Radiator is out too, it's properly fucked so I'll need to find some sort of replacement if this thing is ever going to drive again. TBH I don't know why I though it was OK to run the stock radiator to begin with when it was making 3x factory horsepower, so an upgrade is long overdue anyway.

                    I probably need to buy an engine stand before I progress much further - hopefully Supercheap will have some sort of boxing day sale or whatever. I'm curious what I'll find when I open this thing up, anyone want to make some predictions? Probably just a spun bearing, but who knows. The original 5M-E made very similar noises when it broke a rod bolt back in 1999.
                    Three years and I haven't even got the doors back on yet.


                      Sick Hilux though bro!

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                      Originally posted by Old Major
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                        Now that I've had a practice run playing with the door internals on the Celica I felt confident enough to begin re-assembling the Supra doors, so I got started on that today.

                        I've had the freshly painted door shells patiently waiting in the corner of the shed for 2+ years:

                        Along with boxes full of random parts which I'd forgotten how to put back together:

                        But I kinda sorta know what's going on now so I got stuck in. Door up on the trolley, inner side up:

                        I was surprised at how shiny it was on the non-dusty side. I never asked them to paint the inside of the doors since there's not much point, but I'm kinda glad they did!

                        Door latch and central locking solenoid installed:

                        There's a striking contrast between these parts and what I'd been working on in the Celica - for example these inner door handles are in nearly mint condition unlike the badly oxidised ones in the Celica:

                        I guess that's what happens when you keep a car tucked away in a shed for 12 years.

                        Wiring harness installed:

                        WIndow regulator and glass installed:

                        Not much left to go now, I think I just need to install the weather seal and I can hang the door on the car? Exciting times!


                          Awesome mate, solid bit of progress there.


                            And some even more solid progress yesterday - I went for a trip to visit Rz's workshop at the Gold Coast and got him to weld my new coilovers to the stub axles.

                            First the old strut tube was cut off leaving about 50mm of tube behind, and the new coilover tube slides over like so:

                            The instructions say to just weld the tube at the base, but Pete wasn't happy with that so he drilled 6 holes around the tube:

                            Then plug welded the holes:

                            Then welded the base:

                            And that's pretty much it, they're ready to be installed in the car:

                            I should probably paint the bare metal bits first though.

                            I didn't get any photos but the radiator hard pipes were welded together and beads rolled on the ends so I'll be able to put the cooling system together properly, which means I can do a real test run of the engine. I should be able to put the suspension + brakes + wheels back on too, so maybe a quick drive around the back yard isn't out of the question soon? We'll see!


                              Yeah some paint on them would be nice! Please don't grind the welds though

                              Getting close now, driving it for the first time in how long?
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                                I think I last drove it in 2011. Which to my brain sounds like "a few years ago" but some quick maths confirms that's actually 10 years now.