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XJ6 - aka purple shitbox, purple people eater, now with more LS1

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    XJ6 - aka purple shitbox, purple people eater, now with more LS1

    Well we've been putting this together for a few weeks now, so time to put up a few pics.

    Starting off with a 1984 XJ6, comes as stock with a straight 6 4.2l. Very old engine design, uses tons of petrol, makes noise, not much poke.

    I've driven the car for a couple of years and it's been fine, nothing major broke, I like it. During this time I've replaced the springs with Kingsprings with a slight drop, Gaz adjsustable shocks, polybushed the front, new discs / pads / hoses.
    Also a carputer to serve up tunes / nav / phone running Centrafuse on a 7" touchscreen in the dash.

    Car was working well, but was woefully underpowered.

    I can pretty much blame Gianttomato for the next bit, we were working together a while back and he kept encouraging me to drop in the LS1. Has he been abducted by aliens?

    Here's the unmolested rig.



    With the enormous + heavy 8 valve DOHC engine.

    And the screen if you're interested.

    I got a swap kit consisting of engine + trans mounts, speedo and tacho converters, water + oil senders here

    Had that lot shipped to Vegas when I was there for a "conference" so saved tons on shipping. Brought it all back in my luggage, which Qantas lost but saved me the agro of going through customs with it. Came the next day by courier which was fine.

    The engine mounts line up great, but had to do a fair bit of adjusting for the trans mounts which were miles off.

    Anyway - much thanks to dogsballs and stocky who came round last month for the transplant weekend - great work lads.

    Jag motor came out fairly easily.

    And the LS1 fits great! It's I think a stock VU motor but who knows as the dodgy ebay twat that sold it me has gone off radar now. I do know it had clean oil, auto fluid was clear, it starts easily but won't run till I get the VATS off. Bit noisy with no exhaust, bare manifolds!

    Now just doing lots of fucking about with hoses / electrics / fiddly bits but should be good to start up this weekend.
    I'm using a VX radiator with the Jag header tank in stock position, trying to keep to as many standard parts as possible.

    I'll tidy up the wires and get more photos soon.
    E55 wagon
    p̶u̶r̶p̶l̶e̶ damson red shitbox XJ6 LS1 - gestating

    Nice work!
    Originally posted by S
    I just want to apologise for some of my shit talking back around page 5.


      Fuck yes!!! That's so fucking slick! I love old jags, and I love ls1's, and this is just cool.
      Originally posted by Gussy
      It's the PF way. "Put a twin turbo LS in it brah, you'll have it converted and running in 2.5 hours and make an eazy 1000rwkw, lulz" All while the same people who suggest this stuff drive around in a corolla and have a fucked VN sitting in the garage for the past 3 years as a "project car."


        This will be really cool!
        Originally posted by brasher
        TJ is 99% African American.


          Well this is probably going to be pretty epic.

          It's a Jaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggg.

          Go to many wife swapping parties?


            The Jag XJ6 is perhaps the best 4 door design ever.


              Nice. Looks like a neat car to start with too.

              I've been working on one with a 1UZ in it for a month or so. It's a bit of a dog but I am ashamed to admit that they are actually quite a well engineered car. Even the wiring is quite good.
              Best thing about them is the engine bay can swallow any engine, it's huge. A 1UZ looks lonely in there.

              I want an XJC(not XJS). Hotness.

              David Fraser - Automotive Historian!

              Originally posted by bigmuz
              You can't polish a turd but you can put 600hp in it and laugh your fucking arse off coming past someone sideways at Powercruise.


                so much win in this thread!!! :D

                Love the fact you kept hydrated while doing the swap, judging by the above pic :D


                  Originally posted by drscrote View Post
                  With the enormous + heavy 8 valve DOHC engine.

                  Dropped a few valves had it?
                  "Where can we get hold of a Vincent Black Shadow?" "Whats that?" "A fantastic bike," I said. "The new model is something like two thousand cubic inches, developing two hundred brake-horsepower at four thousand revolutions per minute on a magnesium frame with two styrofoam seats and a total curb weight of exactly two hundred pounds."


                    got me.

                    It's such a wide engine though, with a seperate inlet + exhaust cam, the V8 is about as wide. DOHC, two valves per cylinder.

                    It's pretty squeezy for the manifolds though.

                    I'm using a pair of right hand side 2006 Corvette cast iron manifolds - this gives enough room around the steering column where the exit has to go forwards from the flange. All the commodore exhausts head back - would hit the rack.
                    I've changed the sump to a Camaro one, rear hump, with a new pickup, a few chops to the baffle. Sump needed a small nip to clear the rack still.
                    E55 wagon
                    p̶u̶r̶p̶l̶e̶ damson red shitbox XJ6 LS1 - gestating


                      shit man, i've just realised my 10mm 1/4 inch drive socket is missing from my set - last time I saw it was when i was working on the sump - I hope it's not stuck in there! Guess we'll find out when you fire it up hey?

                      p.s. purple

                      I am a Spinal and Sports Physio based in Flemington, Melbourne. Insane discounts for PF members!


                      I also retail do high-level professional road bike fitting and retail Speedplay pedals and SMP seats - cheapest you'll find them anywhere.



                        as in not pink?
                        E55 wagon
                        p̶u̶r̶p̶l̶e̶ damson red shitbox XJ6 LS1 - gestating


                          this is something I've wanted to do for a long while! I've always wanted one of these jags, but also knew they have shit heavy engines. LS1 makes a lot of sense in a jag!


                            this is very cool.
                            Originally posted by Walt Kowalski
                            And I’ve explained many times this is not just another four year election.

                            The outcome will determine civilisation as we know it.


                              put up the other pics you lazy boy!!
                              Originally posted by 50RTD
                              Dave, have you uploaded the data from the carby?