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Project Car: 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner build thread!

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    Project Car: 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner build thread!

    Hey chaps!
    A mate of mine on this forum (Zennon) has been harassing me to start up a build thread here. Possibly because he is sick of hearing about my car every day and after every slight bit of progress I have made... cant blame the guy.

    Anyway, bought the yank tank last year to do up as a street/strip car. It was in reasonably poor form when I got it, but it was cheap and a good starting point for what I hope will be a tough street car!
    Originally it was painted in black primer, had the factory 383 cube big block/727 torqueflite combo with 8 3/4 rear end. Engine has a cam and a fucked out carter carby and an ancient Torker manifold on it. It ran alright but not flash. Had been kitted out in paddock-basher spec with a big set of hoops on the back and a nice set of side pipes. Bit of rust in the interior floor pans and some in a rear quarter, but otherwise pretty clean. Undercarriage was all good with no rust, just needed some love.

    Anyway few pics to start of the original product:
    Here it is on the tilt tray ready to go to my joint.

    Grubby engine, but a 383 so probably invinceable.

    Nice 'mexican look' rear parcel shelf - that might have to go.

    Got it back to a mates place and proceeded to pull it to bits:

    Nice pedestrian friendly front end....

    So end of this chapter was stripped the interior out (not that there was much to start with...) and ground all the floors back. Treated it with POR15 and welded in some new steel where it was needed. Now to move on to the more fun bits, get the motor going!

    Might just keep adding some new posts here to make it easier to read...

    Ok so there is a bit to catch up on here to get to where the car is now, so I will keep jabbering:

    Had a look at the engine and came to 2 conclusions:
    1. Carter carb was fucked and a heap of shit. Had to go
    2. Points dizzy's are for girls and are shit. Had to go
    3. Edelbrock manifold was.... antiquated. Had to go
    4. Engine bay could do with a clean up...

    Also the mech fuel pump was knackered so the genius who sold it to me had hooked a small inline booster pump up instead, complete with exposed wires and everything leaking fuel everywhere. Tops!
    So ordered a new 750 holley douple pumper, MSD ignition and dizzy, edelbrock performer rpm manifold and some new rocker covers and things.
    Pulling the engine down a bit:

    Thats a bit better:

    Went ahead and rigged up a new fuel tank as well and cleaned out all the lines. Plenty of shit came out as you would expect. New plugs, leads and fuel filter. After that, fired up nicely and ran pretty good!

    After that, time to do something about the body work and the front suspension. Car was handling something like a bastard child of a cement truck and a shopping trolley.
    Will continue this from home!


      I heartily approve of this thread. PF can never have enough muscle cars.
      Can I wear the Scream mask? The mask from Scream... when I do you from behind...


        Very cool! 8-71 please!!!!
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          That is exactly what I want for my 512ci stroked 440.

          What sort of $$$ did you pay if you don't mind me asking and was it bought locally or did you import it?
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            super rad, will read again a++
            Originally posted by Mr Jones
            Farmer its all about how you cut them up, like a dead hooker jigsaw puzzle.


              Originally posted by 6000SUX View Post
              I heartily approve of this thread. PF can never have enough muscle cars.


                Fuck. Yes.

                Welcome aboard... CUNT.

                VC Valiant


                  Have you found the build sheet for it? Always interesting seeing how some people optioned these things when new, especially Mopars.


                    Fantastic, finally a bit of B bodied Mopar Roadrunner action.

                    Nice work man, I love these cars.


                      and a big seal of approval from me.

                      lots of pics pls


                        Gentlemen (and fellow cunts),
                        Thanks for the warm welcome! haha! Glad to see there is some interest in muscle-car awesomeness here!

                        ott308, mate I saw your build on your turbo v8 chevy and was very impressed!! You got some pretty mad fab skills mate!!! I'm a pretty mechanical sorta dude but not up to that level yet. Would be great to see you up the sunny coast sometime! Mate no idea what 8-71 refers too.?!?

                        Turbo510 - mate you are on the same page as me Later in the year I am ordering a 522 cube crate stroker out of the US for it, should be a nice weapon then! Nothing like big cubes in a big muscle car! I bought it as you see it in the pics at the start for $12,500. Was a good buy in the end given the undercarriage and bodywork was pretty good. Has cost me a bit of coin but nothing unbelievable. Bloke down near ipswich has been importing some unrestored yank muscle and had some good deals! With the exchange rate at the moment though I rekon you could get a bargain out of the US...

                        Edit! Shit so much interest! Stoked you guys are into this! irsa76 I dont have any build sheet for it, pretty much just came as is. VIN plate thingy is there though. Would be hard to guess what the options were though as its a bit of a frankenstein, some bits are from a 69 runner (like the doors and ignition for example!)

                        Anyway, moving on with more pics and catchup!


                          Rightio, so following on from getting it running and moveable again, couple more issues presented. Gearbox was leaking like a cow pissing on a flat rock. Engine wasnt running flash and needed a tuneup. Some of the trim was a bit dicky from some dodgy bog work around the windows, but nothing too serious.

                          So ordered a gearbox gasket kit outta the states to replace the belly pan gasket, dipstick gasket and rear output shaft seal. Did all that, didnt fix the problem. So decided to ignore that for the time being...

                          Rear springs and shocks were all shagged, so got a new set of mopar performance leaves and some new shocks hooked up. At this stage starting to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of things that needed to be done, so I ended up taking the beast up to *Place that I won't name* on the north side for a tuneup and to try and work out the tranny leak.

                          Now, $10,000 later.......

                          And finally:

                          I caved like a big wuss and got them to slap some paint onto the old girl. THey did a bit of bodywork as well, but mainly the right rear quarter (pretty nice job in the end). Also they found some bits and made the back brakes work (thats good right) and tuned the old girl up.
                          Lesson in the end, the whole thing cost about double what it should have given the quality of the paint job... If you want something right, do it yourself right?
                          They did a stellar job on the mechanical stuff, but the paint job was average at best. I think I will end up doing it again myself (could have saved some money right there huh...)
                          Asked them to gap the panels as well which they did a woefull job of and I ended up doing again myself...
                          However, a few less things to worry about I guess. Expensive lesson for me!


                            So next order of business was to get stuck in on the engine bay wiring side and start to put the interior back together.
                            Bought and installed a new trim kit with new rubbers and fuzzies and all that shit. Now the boot wont close which is a bit of a prick, but an issue for another day.

                            Next big job - Front end rebuild and some disk brakes for chrissakes!
                            Ordered the front end kit from Elko and started pulling everything to bits. What a bloody nightmare!! 40-year-old suspension bits DONT like coming apart. Weekend worth of swearing and smashing shit with a pickle fork and I had everything apart:

                            Decided to do some cleanup and painting of everything while it was in bits:

                            Had a good time getting the upper ball joints out of the upper control arms for example. Great design there by Chrysler where they basically jam them in there from the factory! Good fun.

                            Anyway, everything went back together nice and I bolted on my new SSBC disk brake kit. Including a booster now too which should make life safer... New bearings and all the rest as well, front end looks bloody nice now! Adjusted the ride height and nipped everything up. Had a prick of a time with the tierod sleeve thingy's on the steering arms.
                            Few more pics of the front end going back together:


                              Found some more pics of the respray going on too:

                              After all that, got to work on the interior. Ordered some new dynamat ultralite from the states to lay on the floor, as well as some new door cards, carpet and a whole shitload of miscelaneous clips and pins and shit. Man everything I touched was broken inside the doors, kept me busy for a fair while...
                              Layed the dynamat and the carpet:

                              Everything starting to look good!
                              Decided then to make an attempt to clean up the engine bay wiring... big mistake! Wiring loom was like raw spaghetti. After alot of fucking around trying to find 12v here or 12v there and fixing eroded fucked connectors, decided to scrap the lot and put in a new loom!
                              Ripped out all the dash shit and painted the dash while I was there. Made a bit of an error there and ended up using epoxy enamel which ended up being a bit too glossy. And being glorious enamel I cant seem to paint over the shit. Oh well, guess thats how it stays for now!! Thats what happens when you take advice on painting from autobarn... *facepalm*

                              So new wiring loom rocked up and I got to work on installing the headlight loop and all the rest. Got that done and fitted up some new halogen headlights and a newly repainted original grille:

                              Original grille for the 68 looks fuckin horn i rekon. I had a brief attempt at making my own before i found the new one in the states but it didnt come out so good.

                              While I was waiting for some more connectors and bulb carriers under the dash, put the new passenger seat in:

                              Ended up junking the factory buckets and getting a pair of pro-car rally style seats. I think they have a reasonable original look, but the purists will probably crucify me. I like to stay in the seat when I go around a corner so figured it was a decent upgrade!!

                              Anyway, thats about it for now, pretty much caught up to where I am now! Gonna hit the wiring again this weekend and hopefully get it running. I have a new battery reloation kit to install in the boot and some new 3/8 braided stainless fuel line to run too. Then it will be off to get some pipes put on!

                              Ill get some decent pics of the wiring fiasco over the weekend for yez!