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Project Car: 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner build thread!

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    Oh man wouldnt that make you cry. Spending all that time and money to restore a vintage car, and some cretin writes it off for you... Bloody hell!
    And thanks Darwins Glad you like it! I am really keen to get it on the road now, just a couple of little bits to do and she should be just about ready for roadworthy! Just waiting on my new radiator and its gonna' be burnout time! Until the gearbox shits itself at least...

    Got a quote from Brinks down south to rebuild the box, so I guess thats the next on the list


      Love these things, will justify it one day!

      The problem is you can fit both a Mini and a Caterham in their garage footprint...


        Originally posted by Mr Purple View Post
        Love these things, will justify it one day!

        The problem is you can fit both a Mini and a Caterham in their garage footprint...
        Nah, this is the "intermediate"!
        The Royal Monaco, OK it's a Dodge, is bigger again. Iirc the top Chryslers were even bigger, they really needed the 440.


          I have a Valiant about the same size. It's more a width issue!


            It is indeed a land yacht of sorts. My mate has a Lotus Elite, I rekon it could fit in the boot..
            On the up side they arent as heavy as they look. Apparently only 1.5 tonnes. Thats less than a new XR6! And twice as delicious!!

            In other news, got a heap of work done on the rig today!! Fixed my ignition problem with a $2 diode from Jaycar (THanks CarCrazy YOU THE FUCKIN MAN!).
            So now the wiring is finished, dash is back together, front seats back in, engine bay tidy, all ready to rock! I will post a couple of photos of the finished interior. Still needs headliner and a few bits, and a back seat but you get the idea.

            Latest is that my "One Wire Internally Regulated Alternator" is in fact a "Multi-wire Externally Regulated Alternator". So, therefore the wrong alternator. So now I gotta get a different one and sell it off. Brand new, shiney and chrome. Not sure what its for though if its externally regulated?? BAH!

            Will post a couple of pics.


              Ok so excuse the shitness of the pics (taken at night time with iPhone...)


                Ok so got some more work done today on the beast. Decided the battery relocation kit from Summit wasnt what I wanted, didnt like the battery box much and the way it was bolted in, so I pissed it off and stuck a Moroso one in instead! Looks a billion times better. Also got some carpet from Clark rubber and did the boot. Rekon its starting to look pretty respectable!
                All things considered I should be able to take it down the street tomorrow to test if my brakes and everything are working properly!!




                    Fuck me sideways, this is hawt :O

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                      Right! So time for update!
                      I got the beast out on the road on Friday for its maiden voyage!!! Not rego'd yet, so just did a lap up the street and back.
                      So, results of that were that the tranny is leaking a shitload of ATF, as a result the torque converter wouldnt engage properly and it just revved alot. So looks like the box is coming out sooner rather than later.
                      Secondly when I wound the window down the door opened. Shit. So the window was catching on the rod between the door handle and the latch. Fixed that right up today.

                      There is still a clunk in the steering/suspension somewhere I will need to investigate, something might just need tightening up, not sure. Seemed to come on under brakes so might be the lower control arms.
                      Also the brakes work but are spongy and shit so looks like i need to bleed them again.

                      All in all a big success, given thats the first time its run since I bought it. Neighbours werent impressed with the side-pipes and no mufflers... Oh well.


                        Hmmm, so tried to maiden it again after putting some more ATF in the tranny. Seemed to work much better, but when I get the engine under load and try to give it some it does a *Cough* and misses....
                        If you rev it in neutral, nothing wrong and it revs out nicely. As soon as its under load, I cant get it over about 1/4 throttle. Dunno wtf is going on now. BAH!


                        Also noticed my MSD 6AL is mounted up on the firewall and is getting pretty hot. It sits right above the headers. Maybe this is a bad thing and I should move it someplace else?


                          Right so it looks like the timing was out and the carby wasnt tuned right. Sorted that shit out and now its running nice. Should have thought of that before I think...


                            Righto so its been a while since i updated this as the car has been down on the sunny coast and I have moved to Central Queensland for work! Anyway, took a car trailer down to a few weeks and picked the beast up:

                            So this weekend it was time to finally pull the old 383 out. Gearbox has been leaking really bad ever since I bought it and needs a rebuild anyway, so decided to rip the whole affair out. Sold the 383 to a bloke from Brissy to help finance the new 522ci crate motor! Will also give me a chance to clean up the engine bay and make it look awesome!
                            Disconnected all the bits and pieces and had it ready for the engine hoist:

                            My mate mick looking like he knows what he's doing:

                            Mick disconnecting some shit (headers I think):

                            So we unbolted all the headers and whatnot, but couldnt get them out with the motor in place, so we just had them loose. I also dropped the pitman arm and idler off so the steering arm wouldnt catch on the gearbox. Disconnected all the gearbox crap and pulled the pins out of the motor mounts. Funny thing, one mount wasnt even bolted to the motor.... just sat there. Scary...

                            Actual removal was a piece of piss. Whole thing came out in a jiffy:

                            And walla:

                            So next jobs on the list:
                            Send gearbox to Brinks for full overhaul and shiny-making
                            Order new headers for the crate motor
                            install my flash new 3 row alloy rad and thermos YES!
                            Fit up the new fiberglass 6-pack hood
                            Spend a shitload of money and order the new motor!

                            While I wait for finance I will clean all the crud off the crossmember and engine bay and go nuts with the spray can.

                            Thats it for now, gonna have a crack at the engine bay tomorrow!



                              Funny how the engine bay of these looks identical to the Oz Valiants.

                              Where are you sourcing your engine? There's so many bloody options!


                                Not identical, not even close really.

                                Good to see you found a buyer for the 383.