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Project Car: 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner build thread!

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    Sweet car dude
    Bunky powered since 2004


      Originally posted by Mr Purple View Post

      Funny how the engine bay of these looks identical to the Oz Valiants.

      Where are you sourcing your engine? There's so many bloody options!
      Hey man. I'm ordering mine through CM Engines. Seem to have the best balance of quality bits and good prices. Whole setup from them will end up less than $10k landed in Aus, so seems to be pretty good. I have done a lot of searching around and ordering from the states seems the only way to go. Guys from CME were really helpfull when I emailed them too.


        sooo much room for big block!! i rikey!!
        Originally posted by 50RTD
        Dave, have you uploaded the data from the carby?


          That's stupidly cheap!

          Will watch with interest, it's not worth rebuilding a 265 at that price.


            Thats what I said. Was going to stroke out and rebuild the 383... But by the time you get alloy heads, stroker kit, someone to assemble short block... blah blah blah you are up for as much as a nice new 522 with all the bling and a dyno sheet to prove it. Made sense to me.
            I will do an update once I order the donk and keep everyone in the loop. Just need teh coinz now....


              Ok so I got an update of sorts!
              Paid the deposit today for the engine from CME in the states. They are going to set aside a block for me. Motor should be ready to ship by the end of July. I ended going for their 522/550 combo but upgraded to Edelbrock victor heads and a roller cam, should make a lazy 600 horsepower on pump gas at 10:1 comp. Sweet.
              Also gearbox is crated ready to go to Brinks for an overhaul. Also body is getting prepped for the rest of the paint. Should have it rollin' into the transport dept. by middle of AUgust!!!!


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                  Righto so a few updates from the weekend!!

                  Got the engine bay sanded back, primed and painted. Also re-did the shit job the painters had done around the windscreen (actually pulled the windscreen out which helped). Test fitted the new alloy radiator as well and it looks a treat.

                  The orange acrylic went down sweet with my new spray gun. I trialed some clear around the door jambs and it came out like fairy floss... I gave up and went on and googled some advice. Ended up thinning the clear a bit more and it sprayed better. Still not real smooth, but better. Anyone who has any advice on spraying clear acrylic I could really use it before I start spraying the body and making a mess!!

                  Also prepped up the fiberglass 6-pack hood for painting as well! Will get some pics of this tonight, but its looking sweet.

                  Couple of pics:
                  Radiator fitted up, BLING!

                  A shit picture of my priming job

                  Painted and ready to rock

                  Should have some more updates after this weekend. Waiting for some graphics from the states to put on before I go over it with clear. Gearbox should be in pieces at Brinks by now too.


                    Fuck i need a better camera...


                      two pack clear goes down well on acrylic paints


                        Been talking to a spray painter today about just that. Rekons 2 pack clear will give it a nice finish. He is going to help me spray it so it won't look shit.
                        It's all coming together now. Power steering is on its way from firm feel, box is at brinks, motor is being built.


                          Righto update time....
                          So looking at the completely fucked out paint job that the car had, and taking into consideration the 30k worth of drivetrain I have decided to fuck off the acrylic disaster and re-do the whole car in 2-pack. Going with Cortez silver and clear coat, nice and shiney...
                          So have sanded back the whole car over the last couple of months and tidied up all the body work. Everything is nice and straight and smooth now, like it fucking should be!
                          So next week the high filler goes on, then week after it should be silver. Awesome!

                          In the interim have trial fitted the 6-pack hood which i painted too. Looks tough I rekon!

                          Gearbox should be back from brinks next week, so ill grab some photos of that too. Just gota send the torque converter away somewhere to get rebuilt as well.
                          CME in the states have found me a block and are building the motor, so fingers crossed should see that sometime mid september!

                          I was expecting to find alot of bad shit when I sanded the car back, but have been very impressed so far!! the roof rails were absolutely mint, even the original spot welds are perfect. There doesnt seem to be a speck of rust anywhere, even under all that poorly applied bog....

                          Few pics anyway:


                            you should paint it matt black!!! with gloss black/ polished lip wheels.


                              Originally posted by RNS-11Z View Post
                              you should paint it matt black!!! with gloss black/ polished lip wheels.

                              Yeah thought of that. It was in matt black primer when I bought it and looked mean as piss. Unfortunately the bodywork is not perfect enough for black. Would be scary though...

                              Gonna go silver gloss with black torque thrust d's (295 rears, 245 fronts) and the black hood. Should be scary enough I rekon....


                                Ha, good to see someone getting realistic with the resto work straight up instead of descending straight to painful full rebuild.

                                Matt black would look fucking awesome on this but silver will be classy as fuck too. And easier...