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    Originally posted by Sloth View Post
    not to be too rude but "wotsit wurf mister?"
    Yeah no idea. I tell my wife "a couple of grand" so she ignores until I put the cover back on it.
    My four year old calls it "dads broken car"

    To me its like a uni assignment you know you have due, but just procrastinate actually doing it.
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      Originally posted by bryan View Post
      Yearly bump.
      We moved to a new house this year.
      Thought it was going to get worked on in a lockdown but "essential worker" killed that idea..
      Essential Worker....Every time i message you while your at work i get a reply within 5 seconds...flat out!
      Ps is this finished yet?

      I climbed Mt Druitt


        Finally life has allowed me to get some work done on this.
        I ripped the diff out on the weekend to figure out what was stopping the car from rolling easy and make sure everything was setup ok with the rear suspension.
        I ordered new springs all round and I’m trying to work out what model Koni shocks suit (which is harder than I thought it would be)

        I am also trying to work out how the collection of rear sway bars (I’ve been hoarding for years) will work best on this.
        TX Geminis came with no rear swaybar and the aftermarket versions worked via the tow hooks which is messy.
        To add more confusion this has a later model gem diff in it.

        feels good to be making progress but..

        Click image for larger version

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        I like Football and Porno and books about War


          any progress is good progress!!! keep the updates flowing now you have some momentum!
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