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    Just recently started revisiting pf and wondered About this car, nice power man, great to see an update


      All sounds great mate, well done.
      Originally posted by 350stato
      100% agree with Shifty


        Good shit mate!

        35psi on a 6466 will be coming on like a fucking freight train

        Interesting to hear how much you like the OS gears! I do agree that longer gears feel better in a car like that over how an Evo drives where you're constantly rowing through them


          It's kinda like a Jekyll & Hyde car now, which is nice. Much calmer to drive with the 5 speed gearing.

          It feels less toey than the Getrag down low, but it still pins you into the seat nice n strong n smooth, as soon as you sink the boot in.

          The trigger kit has made the car perfect starting, idling and cruising finally, with way better fuel consumption than before.

          The two settings are worlds apart, with the low boost being sedate whenever you want, with a gradual but still very solid linear push.

          If you just stand on it like you're squashing a bug, high boost is now a light switch of wheelspin and lane change correction with no let up in the push, allll the way to the top.

          Lotsa fun for the whole family ( except the wife, who still refuses to even sit in it ).

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          when all else fails, hit it harder.


            Yea if you see the timing scatter from the CAS versus a trigger kit its quite a big difference

            Can definitely say I'm a fan of light switch power, definitely the best bit with these setups

            My missus wont go in mine either haha