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1977 RA28 Fasthack celica project

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    some of the bad stuff in the hatch channel area.

    started fixing the area around fuel filler

    This area did not go so well, so we decided to remove the lot and start again .

    Used a forming block to make up the new section

    tacked in place.


      started cleaning up the floors.

      This side coming along now.

      floor cut out.

      first replacement piece.

      crap in the sills.

      inner skin back in.


        work on outer sill.


          there was some really dodgy work on the handbrake tunnel. took a bit of fixing.

          horror story they had in there.


            rust in roof fix.

            Sill work


              some work around the rear gave us more grief with bad metal and filler. so all came out and started again.

              more sill work


                used the bender at the air field to make up some new pieces for the hatch section repairs.

                Starting to look more like a project now.

                The bad sections around the hatch, multiple skins gone etc.

                started cutting it out.

                left one tab in place to use as a mounting tab for the new bottom skin.

                Plug welded and tacked in place.

                started to cut out rear corners too.

                used another forming block to get the rear curves.

                tacked in .


                  ok guys, well that is pretty much a fast forward of the last 12 months with only some of the pictures so you don't all go to sleep. Its been a lot of work so far but totally worth it. THis is pretty much where we are up to now, some of the pics I uploaded are a little out of sync. But its really just to show how far its come so far and a small taste of what work has gone into it. There is so many more pics I have left out so far of body work but you get the gist.


                    Looked at all the pics, not boring at all, great thread

                    Im doing a similar thing at the moment, the only difference is you guys seem so clean in all the pictures and I look like a fucking coal miner within 5 minutes of working on my car!?
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                      ohh man there has been plenty of that and I still get covered in crap.... just must have been pure luck the pics taken we arnt totally filthy. everytime I touch it more crap falls off it. but slowly and surely it is getting cleaner and cleaner. all this prep work and body work is worth it in the end. I would hate to throw a tonne of money into a car like this with performance parts and know the body is going to let you down over time.

                      So just keep up the good work and keep at it. We will both get there in the end and then you have a classic that looks amazing, is totally sound and wont let you down over time.


                        First appearance in the last issue of QLD street car before it changed names to Australian Street Car.


                          That's the first car I almost died in

                          Really like that shape (reminds me of my first car, Rx4) - thanks for sharing.
                          Originally posted by Mr Jones
                          Sneakers prompted the erection. Engine stand made me do something with it


                            Originally posted by thebluerx7
                            The fact they want to ban cash makes me want to go out and use it full time again now .


                              Let me wire this please
                              Jason Broadhurst

                              Someone once asked me if they could use my mower. I said "sure, so long as it doesn't leave my yard"


                                I notice no photos of the hatch. Is that because like all but one of these Celica's I've seen, it's rusted away?

                                Keep up the great work and this post. Any plans on colour yet?