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    How so? It's factory fitted with a 2JZGE.
    David Fraser - Automotive Historian!

    Originally posted by bigmuz
    You can't polish a turd but you can put 600hp in it and laugh your fucking arse off coming past someone sideways at Powercruise.


      Originally posted by yojimbo View Post

      This is my is200 for reference. All done at home. Tuned by Dale.
      Fark! Nice power.

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        Great idea, will be a great daily when it's done.


          Originally posted by JZK25 View Post
          How so? It's factory fitted with a 2JZGE.
          you are right but if going single turbo etc would need emissions testing in vic at least at 3K per test, tuning etc etc
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            this is qld though...

            call transport.
            my motor blew up engine number 2jzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
            i replaced it with a new one engine number 2jzxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

            take it in and let them sight the engine number

            get a mod plate later


              Yeah thank Fuck I'm not in vic! Poor bastards.

              Well picked the car up today, just driving back and currently just have some late lunch at hornsby.

              Car is fuckin awesome! I did have to stop at supercheap Goulburn though to buy some new wipers, stock ones were well past their used by date and jumping across the screen..

              Few scratches here and there but I think most of them will come out with a good polish.

              Has cheap HSD coilovers so I will raise the back a little. But the coilovers are surprisingly ok.

              Better get back on that road though.

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                Love the shape, size and styling of these
                Hate the interior and dash - yuk!

                Originally posted by Jim
                I feel that rules are important as without rules there is no cheating and cheating is a vital part of drag racing.
                Originally posted by elfturbomax
                What has happened to PF? It seems to be diesel love now days. Maybe the name should be changed to Particulate Forums.


                  would like an IS with a 1uz in it
                  poor mans old c63


                    Wouldn't it be more like a poor man's old IS F?


                      fyi there is a kit out of the states (subframes etc) to allow you to bolt in the 1uz.

                      is200/300 were very well engineered, just underpowered.

                      fyi I have a late altezza digital cluster that would fit your car if you are interested? looks like this:


                      with the oil sender. you can get a carbon face kit for it as well


                        I approve of this product. If only they had brought the wagons out here I'd be doing the same
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                        1.07 flat Wakefield Park


                          gita wagons are available in nz

                          wonder how feasible it would be to graft the backend onto a local is200/300

                          late gita's were available as awd as well!!


                            Originally posted by Justengt4 View Post
                            I approve of this product. If only they had brought the wagons out here I'd be doing the same
                            Yep, saw one for sale there in what seemed decent nick for $2500 there 2 years ago... Whimper. Looked like an awesome bit of kit for good value.

                            As much as a UZ would be awesome, JZ makes a lot more sense. Stuggling to think of a better cheap, newish, half decent project base than these, awesome cars just begging for more power.


                              1gz makes sense
                              Originally posted by Bosshoggett
                              If your planing to drive this on the road and enjoy it, id suggest a second opinion, someone with a history in Australian Rally or Fink River . If your just playing dyno comps. Then ok


                                Very nice. Will be a good garage companion for the EZ30 turbo wagon.
                                Rust is lighter than carbon fibre.

                                My Italian 510